Results from the 41st Annual Demolition Derby

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The 41st annual Remsen Demolition Derby took place on Saturday night, August 18. The event, sponsored by the Remsen Community Action Club (RCAC), was held at the Remsen Derby Arena.

RCAC welcomed five different classes to this yearís derby: Modifieds, Limited Weld, Street Stock, Compact and FWD Hobo. Children ages four to nine got a chance to participate in the Power Wheels Derby. This year there were a total of 53 cars participating. The derby is RCACís biggest fundraiser of the year.

The following are the results from the Demolition Derby:

Modified Class. A total of five cars participated in this class. Drivers were Cordell Hansen (2H), Tim Lange (42), Craig Berkenpas (62), Dillon Kunkel (26), and Mike Wurth (888).

1st - Cordell Hansen ($1,200)

2nd - Craig Berkenpas ($800)

3rd - Mike Wurth ($400)

4th - Tim Lange ($200)

Limited Weld Class. A total of four cars participated in this class. Drivers were Lucas Plaen (OOT), Alec Arens (55A), Austin Rozeboom (2EZ), and Nick Kayser (71).

1st - Nick Kayser ($1,000)

2nd - Austin Rozeboom ($800)

3rd - Lucas Plaen ($400)

4th - Alec Arens ($200)

Compact Class. A total of 10 cars participated in this class. Drivers were Cody Colling (21), Cody Koenck (26K), Ben Lehner (32), Justin Pick (5), Darric Wurth (67S), Neal Loutsch (57N), Jared Wurth (56), Trevor Mulder (4T), Booger (Y4), and Kevin Oolman (3K).

1st - Trevor Mulder ($800)

2nd - Kevin Oolman ($400)

3rd - Ben Lehner ($200)

4th - Darric Wurth ($100)

Street Stock. A total of 15 cars participated in this class. Drivers were Brandon Kies (42K), Travis Kies (44K), Joshua Schwebach (23J), Eric Weber (13S), Zach Oolman (11), Hunter Tentinger (51), Dan Kauper (27K), Dillon Crowley (3C), Cory Niehus (714), Kelly Niehus (241), Brett Niehus (96), Kory Michelson (I1), Trent Mathey (92), Andrew Hagert (23), and Sean Opsahl (94)).

1st - Zach Oolman ($800)

2nd - Cory Niehus ($400)

3rd - Sean Opsahl ($200)

4th - Brett Niehus $100)

HOBO Class. A total of 19 cars participated in this class. It was split up into two different heats. Drivers were Chad Weiler (91), Derek Gengler (223), Justin Lehner (13), Garret Schroeder (C4), Alex Hoffman (24), Alex Schindler (725), Austin Pottebaum (245), Thomas Holzman (712), Tyler Hansen (28), Tim Wurth (4), Bo Thomas (76T), Travis Schroeder (20), Dean Hospeis (1), Jayden Wurth (20), Darrian Irlbeck (28), Michael Koenck (26K), Travis Deeds (97D), Calvin Deeds (2), and Michael Hammen (11H).

Heat 1 Winners:

1st - Tim Wurth ($400)

2nd - Alex Schindler ($200)

3rd - Calvin Deeds ($100)

Heat 2 Winners:

1st - Michael Koenck ($400)

2nd - Travis Schroeder ($200)

3rd - Thomas Holzman ($100)

Michael Hammen won the Mad Dog Award ($200).