Le Mars farmer wins $10,000 for MMCRU FFA

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Ron Gies of Resicore shared the good news that the MMCRU FFA program was selected to receive the $10,000 reward from the Power to Do More Contest. The contest was sponsored by Corteva Agriscience (TM), Agriculture Division of DowDuPont.
(Photo Contributed)

MARCUS — This past spring, the MMCRU School District Future Farmers of America chapter received a check for $10,000 on behalf of Shirley Schroeder for her entry in the Power to Do More contest.

“I think FFA is an amazing leadership and agriculture organization and wanted to give them some financial support to get them going,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder first heard of the contest early this past winter.

“Our FFA leader, Sam Schroeder, sent me the link for the contest and I thought, ‘I could do this. I’m gonna give it a whirl,’” Schroeder said.

The Power to Do More contest, sponsored by Resicore® corn herbicide from Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, required potential contestants to submit a photo and essay about the power of their farm operations.

“Schroeder submitted a photo of her multigenerational family, noting the family believes there is no greater calling than to feed the world,” Corteva Agriscience said in a press release. “She described the family members’ powerful enthusiasm that they bring to all areas of their operation, leading to personal fulfillment and financial success.”

Schroeder’s story qualified her as one of 10 finalists and was posted online for public review.

“There were 200 applicants and they had to narrow it down to 10,” Schroeder said. “We were surprised and excited and honored.”

The entire MMCRU community came together to support the cause.

“They were amazing,” Schroeder said with a smile. “Once we got the word out, we became a network of voters and it was all over Facebook. The kids at school were voting, the MMCRU FFA family really stepped up. People really worked hard.”

“We are blown away by the participation in this year’s contest and want to congratulate Shirley Schroeder and the MMCRU school FFA program,” said Lyndsie Kaehler, U.S. corn herbicides product manager, Dow AgroSciences.

Schroeder knew immediately that she wanted the MMCRU FFA to receive the $10,000 donation.

“FFA is important because it teaches so many of those lifelong leadership skills,” Schroeder said. “It teaches you how to work as a group and conduct meetings. It exposes the kids to a huge array of agricultural experiences.”

The money will allow the MMCRU program to expand and allow the kids the opportunity to attend different conferences, contests, as well as allowing them to take on more projects that would require more funds to establish, Schroeder explained.

After all, the contest was titled the Power to Do More.

“Ron Gies asked the kids, do you know what this money is for? This money gives you the power to do more,” Schroeder said of when MMCRU received the donation. “How can you invest this money to make your school, your community a better place?”