Brandhorst reflects on years at MMCRU

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Superintendent Jan Brandhorst will retire at the end of the 2018 school year. At MMCRU Mr. Brandhorst has put in 14 years as the head of the school system. Other then having administrator jobs during his educational career, Mr. Brandhorst has taught industrial arts, PE, and health. He has also coached.

In total Mr. Brandhorst’s educational career has spanned 43 years. Before being superintendent at MMCRU he was the principal for grades 7-12 at Plainfield, and then he was the principal for grades 9-12 at Galva-Holstein.

Looking back at his decision 14 years ago, Mr. Brandhorst said he wanted to be superintendent at MMC because his wife was teaching at River Valley and he wanted to be close to her.

Some accomplishments that Mr. Brandhorst is proud of during his time at MMCRU include projects with the kitchen and commons along with the current projects on the shop and classrooms. Finally, he’s proud of the whole grade sharing between MMC and Remsen-Union going so well. Mr. Brandhorst’s only complaint was that he had to deal with dropping enrollment.

On plans for future he said, “Nothing in particular, have some ‘me’ time.” His advice for successor he said, “Be patient, realize that we have a really good school system, and there’s a lot to be proud of.”

Mr. Brandhorst summed up his feelings in this quote, “I know I will miss it, my whole career after 43 years is finally over, and hopefully things continue to go well.”