Gehlen students inducted into honor society

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
(Photo Contributed) Front from left, Carson Tesch, Kaleigh Ripley, Allison Ruden, Madeline Begnoche, Valeria Uribe, Sydney Livermore, and Addison Weber. Second row, Alexander Buman, Anthony Vera, Jason Konz, Sydney Logan, and Josie Kolbeck. Third row, Jenny Kwon, Kathryn Ripley, Kaitlyn Norfolk, Malayna Hanks, Megan Puhl, Melinda Zubrod, Abbie Dickman, Claire Zubrod and Sage Goergen. Fourth row, Meredith Kellen, Tyler Zenk, Justin Schmit, Brooke Woerdehoff, Krista Lipp, Katie Peters, Katelyn Langel and Alexa Scheitler. Back row: Thomas Pohlen, Eli Ellensohn, Lucas McCarty, Caden Kneip, Adam Schuch, Alec Langel, and James Kellen. Not pictured, Kayla Mayer and Carlyn Bretey.

LE MARS — Twelve students from Gehlen Catholic School were inducted into the Gehlen Catholic Honor Society (GCHS) in a ceremony on May 9 in the Marvin Langel Memorial Gym during the annual prayer service. The Rev. Paul Eisele presided.

GCHS Moderator and 7-12 School Psychologist Kristin Hausmann explained to be eligible for GCHS, a student must be a junior or a senior with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better. Each student meeting this qualification was invited to complete a student activity information form and essay, which provided data concerning involvement in school, extra-curricular, parish and community projects.

Faculty members rated eligible students as to their demonstration of GCHS traits. The GCHS Faculty Board reviewed the data and selected the students who best exemplified the four qualities of GCHS.

Selection is an honor bestowed on those individuals who serve others through volunteerism, pursue excellence in learning, demonstrate positive character traits and constructively lead both within and outside the classroom.

Non-selection is not a sign of personal failure or disgrace. Rather it is a challenge to all to develop the whole person.

GCHS membership is earned by the effective demonstration of the four qualities held in high esteem by the society — scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

During the GCHS prayer service, a candle was lit representing the light of knowledge. On each side of the candle were four unlit candles representing the four qualities of the GCHS. Each of the traits was explained by the officers prior to the candidates’ induction.

Candidates inducted included the following:

• Madeline Begnoche of Le Mars

• Alexander Buman of Le Mars

• Josie Kolbeck of Le Mars

• Jason Konz of Granville

• Sydney Livermore of Le Mars

• Sydney Logan of Le Mars

• Kaleigh Ripley of Le Mars

• Allison Ruden of Le Mars

• Carson Tesch of Granville

• Valeria Uribe of Le Mars

• Anthony Vera of Le Mars

• Addison Weber of Le Mars

Current members and officers include:

• Carlyn Bretey of Le Mars

• Abbie Dickman of Le Mars

• Eli Ellensohn of Le Mars

• Sage Goergen of Granville

• Malayna Hanks of Le Mars

• James and Meredith Kellen of Alton

• Caden Kneip of Le Mars

• Jenny Kwon of Le Mars

• Alec and Katelyn Langel of Le Mars

• Krista Lipp of Le Mars

• Kayla Mayer of Le Mars

• Lucas McCarty of Le Mars

• Kaitlyn Norfolk of Le Mars

• Katie Peters of Le Mars

• Thomas Pohlen of Hospers

• Megan Puhl of Le Mars

• Kathryn Ripley of Le Mars

• Alexa Scheitler of Le Mars

• Justin Schmit of Hospers

• Adam Schuch of Le Mars

• Brooke Woerdehoff of Le Mars

• Tyler Zenk of Alton

• Claire and Melinda Zubrod of Merrill

Throughout the year, the GCHS students are involved in a variety of service and fundraising projects.

Hausmann explained, “Honor Society members serve as Reading Buddies for third and fourth grade students who benefit from additional literacy support, as well as serve as mentors for junior high students. 

“They organize two blood drives each year, support school events such as chamber coffees and Drive4URSchool, plus organize student activities during Catholic Schools Week. The fundraisers provide $1,000 in scholarships for eighth grade students entering high school at Gehlen Catholic. The fundraisers are also used to make donations to Advent Angels, Then Feed Just One, and Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras.

“In addition to the service projects supported by the whole chapter, each individual member completes a minimum of 20 hours of service each year to projects of their choice.”

“We are very proud to recognize these outstanding members of our student body. Gehlen Catholic Honor Society members are chosen for and then expected to continue their exemplary contributions to the school and community,” concluded Hausmann.

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