High school choir and band get ready for Large Group with Preview Concert

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Ms. Looyenga presented Jenna Gengler with the National School Choral Award. Gengler is a senior and sings soprano. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

The MMCRU High School Band and Choir presented their Spring Concert on Thursday, April 26 at the High School Gym in Marcus.

This also served as a Preview Concert before the Large Group Festival that will take place on Friday, May 4 in Kingsley. The choir will perform at 6:55 p.m. and the band will perform at 8:10 p.m.

The high school band, under the direction of Mr. David Moore, started off the evening with their three pieces, an overture called “Praises” by W. Francis McBeth, a ballad called “A Childhood Hymn” by David Holsinger, and a march called “Gallant Marines” by King and arranged by Swearingen. The three seniors of the group also introduced themselves. Those seniors were Katie Lee, Leah Henderson, and Cameron Miller.

Senior student Leah Henderson received the John Philip Sousa Award. Henderson plays the baritone saxophone. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

Band members include: flutes, Katie Lee, Faith Olson, and Isabelle Bush; clarinets, Allison Gregg and Abby VanMaanen; alto saxophones, Lexi Dreckman, Brynn Jones, and Sarah Kliever; tenor saxophone, Brynn Jones; baritone saxophone, Leah Henderson; trumpets, Cody Dias and Heather Schmidt; trombone, Tyler Frederes; baritone, Damien Baker; and percussion, Olivia Mohr, Katie Bush, Cameron Miller, Jared Hinspeter, and Braeden Kamphoff.

The high school choir then took center stage. Their first piece was “Praise the Lord” by Handel/Hopson. The second song was “Requiem” by Craig Hella Johnson. Third, a piece called “Somebody’s Prayin’” featured soloists Stephanie Carrillo, Jenna Gengler, and Madison Nicks. The eight seniors of the group also spoke at the concert. Those seniors include Stephanie Carrillo, Jenna Gengler, Tiffany Reiter, Victoria Kollbaum, Mattie Tucker, Peyton Turner, Tyler Koontz, and Rashawn Dailey.

The choir, under the direction of Ms. Lori Looyenga, consists of the following members: sopranos, Julia Bogges, Jaylen Bork, Stephanie Carrillo, Caitlyn Evans, Jenna Gengler, Kristina Goth, Mariah Johnson, Ariana Norfolk, Tiffany Reiter, Molly Reuter, Emily Rigney, and Victoria Rojas; altos, Carolynn DeYoung, Taylor Galles, Hannah Jochims, Victoria Kollbaum, Paige Krug, Nicole Maass, Courtney Miller, Madison Nicks, Audra Penning, Rylie Poulsen, Shelby Rodgers, Emilee Schuetz, Jadee Shimitz, Jadyn Steffen, Brianna Tentinger, Madison Tucker, Peyton Turner, and Rachael VanMaanen; tenors, Ethan Gorczynski, Dakota Kasner, Tyler Koontz, and Drew Pierce; basses, Cole Anfinson, Rashawn Dailey, Joel Johnson, Ethan Riedemann, Robert Russell, Trevor Schneider, and Blaine Wicks.

The Alto section of the MMCRU High School Choir is featured during one of the pieces performed at the Spring Concert, which took place at the High School Gym on April 26. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

After the concert portion of the program, the Fine Arts Awards Night part of the program took place. These awards reflected the events that took place for the 2017-2018 school year.

To start off the Band awards, two different honor bands took place. For the Augustana Band Festival in November, Cody Dias, Cameron Miller, and Katie Lee attended that honor band. Cody Dias also auditioned and participated in the Northwest Iowa Honor Band.

Band Letters were given to Katie Bush, Cody Dias, Leah Henderson, Cameron Miller, Faith Olson, Heather Schmidt, Isabelle Bush (first year), and Allison Gregg (first year).

Dave Moore, band director for the MMCRU High School Band, introduced the pieces the band would play at the Spring Concert, which took place on April 26. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

Two band students, Abby VanMaanen and Leah Henderson, were the only two to perform at the Solo/Ensemble Festival in Lawton on April 21.

The following band awards had input from the band members as well as band director Dave Moore: Most Valuable Service Award (Helping Hands Award), Katie Bush; Most Dedicated Band Student, Cody Dias; Most Improved (from the beginning of the year till now), Tyler Frederes and Abby VanMaanen; and Outstanding Underclassman, Allison Gregg.

The last band award for the night was the John Philip Sousa Band Award, which goes to a senior member of the band. Leah Henderson received this award.

Three students attended the Augustana Band Festival in November. Pictured from left: Cody Dias, Cameron Miller, and Katie Lee. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

Ms. Looyenga then announced the vocal awards and reviewed the school year. Three students were recognized for trying out for All-State, which included a camp in August and the tryouts in October. Those students were Jenna Gengler, Dakota Kasner, and Madison Nicks.

A Vikesing Men’s Festival (at Augustana College) was attended by Ethan Gorczynski, Dakota Kasner, Robert Russell, and Trevor Schneider.

The NWICDA Honor Choir (in January) was attended by Julia Bogges, Dakota Kasner, Emily Rigney, and Jadyn Steffen. The Luther Dorian Festival in Decorah, Iowa (which was the same day as the NWICDA Honor Choir) was attended by Jenna Gengler.

Madison Nicks also sang a solo during the song “Somebody’s Prayin’”. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

Choir students that took part in the Musical Theatre production of “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” were also recognized for their efforts: Jaylen Bork, Caitlyn Evans, Jenna Gengler, Kristina Goth, Dakota Kasner, Victoria Kollbaum, Courtney Miller, Madison Nicks, Robert Russell, and Trevor Schneider.

Choir members receiving a Participation Award included Cole Anfinson, Rashawn Dailey, Carolyn DeYoung, Taylor Galles, Hannah Jochims, Joel Johnson, Mariah Johnson, Paige Krug, Nicole Maass, Arianna Norfolk, Audra Penning, Drew Pierce, Rylie Poulsen, Tiffany Reiter, Molly Reuter, Ethan Riedemann, Shelby Rodgers, Victoria Rojas, Emilee Schuetz, Jadee Shimitz, Brianna Tentinger, Rachel VanMaanen, and Blaine Wicks.

Choir students receiving their first year letter, which includes the MMCRU Shield and Choir pin, were Julia Bogges, Jaylen Bork, Caitlyn Evans, Ethan Gorczynski, Kristina Goth, Victoria Kollbaum, Tyler Koontz, and Robert Russell. Trevor Schneider received his second year letter. Third year letters were awarded to Dakota Kasner, Courtney Miller, Madison Nicks, Emily Rigney, and Jadyn Steffen. Fourth year letters were given to Stephanie Carrillo, Jenna Gengler, Mattie Tucker, and Peyton Turner.

Stephanie Carrillo sings a solo during the piece “Somebody’s Prayin’”. (Photo by Megan Sabin)

The final award for the evening, the National School Choral Award, which is given to a senior member of the choir, was awarded to Jenna Gengler.

Congratulations to all the fine arts students for their achievements this school year.

The band students performed three selections for the Spring Concert. (Photo by Megan Sabin)