Public Facilities employees take on CBP2 work

Monday, March 12, 2018

LE MARS — Several Community Betterment Projects II (CBP II) were on the list of work done in 2017 by the Public Facilities department of the city of Le Mars, according to Public Facilities Supervisor Brad Eppling.

That was part of Eppling’s annual report for 2017.

“A lot of inkind work with the Community Betterment Projects was done this year,” Eppling said. “We did a lot of remodeling and a lot of work at the Municipal Park.”

Public facilities staff remodeled the Municipal Park Shelterhouse and built tables and chairs for the facility.

They gutted and remodeled the park house at the Municipal Park to become a new RV Clubhouse.

They also remodeled the old garage by the park house to become the new camper restrooms/showers facilities.

At O’Toole Park, the crew built walls in the building formerly used for newspaper recycling to become new restrooms in that park.

Eppling included a summary of his quarterly reports for 2017:

• Some carpet, tile, and structural work was completed at the Convention Center.

• Some work on the deck, south entrance canopy, and catering entrance was completed at the Golf Course

• More change over to LED lighting was completed at the Police Station, Outdoor Pool, Senior Center and Convention Center

• A grant for trees was received from Mid American Energy’s Trees Please Program

• A grant for paint was received from Paint Iowa Beautiful.

In his report, Eppling said, “Our outsourcing of mowing and garbage pickup has been beneficial for our department to complete other duties.”

The report concluded, “We will continue to work on Community Betterment Projects, accomplish more park maintenance, and apply for grant opportunities in the coming year.”

Council member Rex Knapp asked about reporting the clock hours put into the CBP II projects.

Council member Clark Goodchild said city employees had put in 3,700 hours last year plus materials into CBP II projects.

“That’s putting the stress on these departments,” Goodchild said.

City Administrator Scott Langel explained those hours.

“We received $450,000 from the state government through the Vision Iowa program, and in order for us to get that we needed to show how the city would step to the plate on the city projects. So instead of cash we indicated to them that we would do city employee in-kind. So although it does put a burden on that department, and probably the largest has been placed on Public Facilities, on the other hand, four buildings are now renovated by him acting as construction manager and to large extent do much of the work,” Langel said.

He continued, “All those hours, equipment and manpower, were turned into the state through Jason’s (Vacura) office that in order to justify the inkind that was made as a requirement of the contract with the state. So hopefully the council is OK with that, but that’s how the grant application was prepared.”

Goodchild agreed with Langel.

“I checked the hours with Jason. I am merely pointing out that it does put a little bit of stress on normal operations,” Goodchild said.

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