MMCRU Archery Team heads to State

Thursday, March 8, 2018

MMCRU has impressed many with their first year in archery. It was the club team’s first year participating, but the team has managed to qualify for state. The archery team is taking their 3D shooters and a single shooter, Brynn Jones.

The 3D team includes Brynn Jones, Issac Goeken, Jacob Brimm, Zac Schmid, Heather Schmidt, Leah Henderson, Jayden Spenner, Britney Specht, Damien Baker, Jenna Gengler, Emilee Schuetz, and Nicole Specht. The 3D team will shoot on March 10 at 5pm, and Brinn Jones will shoot on March 11 at 9am. The 3D team and Jones will shoot at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

The requirements to make state in singles is that the archer must shoot a minimum score of 262 out of 300 in two different meets. If the archer meets this requirement, then they must be in the top 150 archers in the state. The top 150 archers are based on their two highest scores all season. The 3D tournament is a little bit different. The 3D team’s highest two scores are taken, the team must also be in the top 21 3D teams in the state.

Head coach Shar Duncan said, “I am super excited for the archery team heading to state for its first year of the program! It has been a fun season and each archer has improved tremendously. We are off to a great start.” She continued, “The archers know what to expect from each other and they know this is a team effort. In 3D, twelve individuals shoot and the top six scores are recorded. As a coach, I have my consistent archers, however, once in a while, someone surprises me with a great score that boosts the overall team’s score.” She also said, “You never know who is going to be shooting hot. It can vary from meet to meet. They are all great about helping each other and setting up the equipment.” She continued to say, “The archers have shown great respect towards me as a coach and towards the equipment. Our goal is to go down to state and hopefully shoot our highest round in 3D yet for the year. What is exciting about this year’s archery is that these archers are setting the bar for individual and team records. Next year they can come back and have a goal to beat those individual or team records.”

Duncan said, “This is a sport that is going to grow. We have 29 archers out and many 8th graders have a high interest in coming out for the sport. NASP allows 4th through 12th grade to compete. I would like to see MMCRU find coaches/volunteers for 4th through 8th grade to let our students get a jump start on the program vs. waiting until high school to start.” She also said, “This would allow MMCRU to compete with 4A schools better. For some archers, this is the first time they have had an opportunity to be a part of a team and have the opportunity to be successful. Seeing the smiles on their faces after a good round makes all the time and commitment worth it. A coach really gets to know their students/archers well when you spend so much practice time and tournament time with them. Seeing the archers improve their personal scores/team scores makes coaching enjoyable.”