MMCRU to host Second Annual Lock-In

Thursday, March 1, 2018

MMCRU is hosting their second annual lock-in on March 9-10. There will be a $25 registration fee, but after the fee is paid the fun begins. The check in for the lock-in is from 10:00 PM-10:30 PM. The check out for the lock-in is at 6:30 AM, so the students will be at the school for about nine hours. This is the second year that MMCRU has had a lock-in and organizer Mrs. Youde said, “This is a great tradition where students and staff members can have some fun outside of a regular school day. It is such a blast and we would like to see it continue.”

The supervisors for the lock-in consist of Mrs. Bottjen, Mr. Toenges, Mrs. Schroeder, Mrs. Damaru, and Mrs. Youde. Organizer Mrs. Youde said, “We’re hoping to have 60-70 students attend this year. Last year we had 50 students attend and we had a great time. I’m hoping to get some more students who are ready to have some fun.”

The students will be given food and drinks throughout the night to keep them energized and active. There will be many games consisting of Hungry Hungry Hippo, Captain’s Coming, Human Food Factor, Human Curling, and many more. There will also be individual activities including, karaoke, gaming systems, cards, board games, and much more.