MMCRU Cagers lose Regional Quarter Final

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The MMCRU girls basketball team traveled to Kingsley-Pierson for their regional quarter final on February 13. The winner of the game would advance to the regional semi final against Akron-Westfield. The stakes on this game were sky high, so both teams played their hearts out. In the end the Panthers beat the Royals with a final score of 68-32, ending MMCRU’s season.

The first half was tough for MMCRU. The Panthers jumped to an early 16 point lead, ending the first quarter 20-4. MMCRU needed to gain some ground in the second quarter to have an advantage in the start of the second half. The Panthers managed to extend their lead to 25 points, ending the first half 39-14.

The second half was a hard fight for the girls. KP came into the second ready to play and it showed when they extended their lead to 27 points, ending the third quarter 51-24. The Panthers were able to secure their win by extending their lead to 36 points, ending the game 68-32.

Gretchen Ruba led the Royals with nine points. Madison Treinen led MMCRU with two three pointers. The two highest scorers for the Panthers were Addison Hirschman with 17 points, and Jayde Burto with 15 points.

The Panthers were able to make 25 free throws, compared to the Royals’ 11. Kingsley-Pierson managed to make 20 two pointers, while MMCRU made nine. The Panthers were able to make five three pointers; the Royals two. Kingsley-Pierson managed to make 13 free throws, while MMCRU made eight.