Supervisors appoint officers, make committee appointments

Thursday, January 11, 2018

PLYMOUTH CO. —The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors conducted the 2018 reorganization of the board at its Jan. 2 meeting.

Don Kass was appointed chairman of the board for a second year.

Craig Anderson was appointed vice chairman by the board.

The board set the four county newspapers as official newspapers for 2018: the Le Mars Daily Sentinel, Akron Hometowner, and the Remsen Bell-Enterprise and the Moville Record to serve together as one each at one-half rate. Official newspapers are designated for the publication of legal notices for the county.

The board filled vacancies for various county boards as follows:

Re-appoint Brenda Miller to the Veteran Affairs Board for a three year term.

Re-appoint Lorraine Sacino Murphy to the County Board of Health for a three year term.

Appoint Dick Sievers to replace Wanda Delperdang to the Board of Health for a three year term.

Re-appoint Richard Harpenau to the County Zoning Board for a five year term.

Re-appoint Lisa Harris the Conservation Board for a five year term.

Re-appoint Dan Albert to the Board of Adjustment for a five year term.

Re-appoint Gene Collins to the Civil Service Board for a six year term.

Supervisors also appoint board members to serve on the same conference boards and labor negotiations for 2018 and to serve on the other boards listed as follows:

• Craig Anderson — Workforce Development; E-911 Board; County Safety Board; SRTPA Board, Alternate; SIMPCO MPO Board and SIMPCO Executive Board; Woodbury Co. Assessor‚Äôs Office Conference Board; Hungary Canyons Alliance Board; Local Emergency Management Planning Commission; Loess Hills Development and Conservation Authority; I.P.A.I.T Board; R.E.A.P Board; Hazmat Board.

• Don Kass — R.E.A.P. Board (Alternate); Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region Board; Mental Health Crisis Board; 3rd Judicial District Dept. of Correctional Services; Mid Sioux Opportunity Board; Youth Emergency Services Board (YES Center); Synergy Board, Alternate; Little Sioux Watershed Board; Plains Area MH Board Liaison.

• Mark Loutsch — Plymouth County Landfill Board; Loess Hills Alliance Board Alternate; Le Mars Business Initiative Corp. Board (Alternate Liaison); Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region Board; Synergy Board; Plymouth County Planning Council; Mental Health Crisis Board; Mental Health DECAT Board.

• Gary Horton — Loess Hills Alliance Board; Siouxland Regional Housing Authority Board; SRTPA Board; Big Sioux Corridor Board; NW Early Childhood Iowa (Empowerment); Siouxland Regional Transit Board; West Central Region Housing.

• John Meis — E-911 Board, Alternate; SIMPCO, Alternate; Loess Hills Alliance Board; Floyd Valley Community Health Services Advisory Committee; Life Skills Board; Le Mars Business Initiative Corp. (Liaison); Plymouth County Safety / Departmental Meeting; Plymouth County Wellness Committee; Plymouth Co. Board of Health Planning Council; Northwest IA Developers (NWID) Board.

Supervisors also approved the 25 members to the 2018 County Compensation Commission which is comprised of real estate brokers, finance officers, agricultural land owners and city land owners.

In other business, supervisors approved a request for Keffeler Addition, a minor subdivision in Section 35 of Meadow Township, subject to approval from Zoning.