Archery Club attends first Archery Meet

Thursday, December 28, 2017
Members of the newly formed MMCRU archery club compete in their first competition at Lawton-Bronson High School. (Photo by MMCRU Journalism)

MMCRU started an archery club program for the first time this year. Their first meet was in Lawton-Bronson on December 16. In archery you need to score a 262 at two different meets to qualify for state. I say this because we had some people come really close. The meet had 20 plus targets set up for high school and middle school students. The students participating shot three sets of five arrows from a ten meter line and a 15 meter line. The archers were paired up with someone and was given a bubble sheet. The students had to walk to the target and score each other, both students must agree before marks are made on the bubble sheet. The meet consisted of students from MMCRU, Ridge View, Lawton-Bronson, and Sergeant Bluff-Luton.

At the meet the highest shooter was Brynn Jones with a 258; she got a total of ten bullseyes. The second highest shooter was Isaac Goeken with a 254 and a total of eight bullseyes. Zac Schmid came in third with a 234, managing to get three bullseyes.

Jones ranked 17th out of 29 for high school girls, 6th out of 10 for freshmen girls, and ranked 20-63 out of girls overall. Goeken ranked 19th out of 36 for high school boys, 5th out of 12 for sophomore boys, and ranked 24th out of 60 for boys overall. Schmid ranked 27th out of 36 for high school boys, 8th out of 12 for sophomore boys, and ranked 36th out of 60 for boys overall.

Head coach Shar Duncan said, “I was happy with our first meet of the season. The meet surprised many athletes and parents since it was their first competition in archery...” She continued, “The tournament ran rather smooth and nerves were high. I anticipate the season only to get better.” She also said, “I have been tracking each athlete’s scores in practice and everyone on the team is increasing at both the ten and 15 meter mark. Practice leads to consistency and elimination of errors.” She continued to say, “Not only do I analyze an athletes shooting style, the teammates help each other out. Many archers increased their score by 30 to 40 points, and it was enjoyable to see many students try a new sport.” She closed by saying, “We have many meets, as the season is just getting started. MMCRU will be hosting a home tournament on January 27 and we look forward to seeing the community come check out and support our new sport.”