Royals lose Rivalry Game

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Royals’ boys basketball team had a rivalry game against Remsen St. Mary’s on December 8. The Royals would unfortunately end up losing 73-33.

The first half was rather rough for MMCRU. The Hawks jumped off to a 14 point lead in the first quarter, ending the quarter 20-6. The Hawks were able to extend their lead to 21 points in the third quarter, ending the quarter 43-22. The second half only got worse for MMCRU. St. Marys continued to extend their lead to 36 points in the third quarter, ending the quarter 60-24. The Jays secured their win in the fourth quarter by gaining a 40 point lead on the Royals, ending the game 73-33.

Hunter Tentinger had the most field goals, the most two pointers, the most rebounds, and was the highest scorer with six field goals, six two pointers, seven rebounds, and 12 total points. Chris Schmid helped the Royals by making three three pointers. The two highest scorers for the Hawks were Brody Ricke with 24 points and Derrick Schorg with 15 points.

St. Marys managed to make 29 field goals, opposed by the Royals’ 14. The Hawks made 26 two pointers, while the Royals made nine. The Royals were able to make five three pointers, as opposed to the Hawks’ three. St. Marys made 12 free throws, while the Royals made zero.

Head coach Toby Young said, “The game, unfortunately, did not go our way. Effort and consistency needs to be consistent during all four quarters.” He continued, “We will continue to work and improve to fix our areas of inconsistency. I look forward to our next game.”

Junior starter Andrew Prescott said, “I believe that we played good defense. What we need to work on is breaking the press.”