MMC School looks at Bus Parking issue

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The MMC School Board has been looking at the idea of having the school buses parked in an area outside of the high school parking lot. The board approved buying a lot from the city for a proposed $20,000. The idea behind this is to have more room in the parking lot with the expected increase of student numbers in the high school.

The city has not yet allowed the school to buy the lot yet. The city council is planning on making a decision at their next meeting on Monday, December 11. This area of choice is in the Marcus industrial park next to the Greenwood funeral home on Eagle Avenue. When and if the city grants permission to the school, the school is planning on building a bus barn. This shelter will be large enough to hold all of the school buses, suburbans, vans and pickup trucks.

In the past cars have been clipped by buses trying to back out, but the buses have had damage too. Sun fading the paint in the summer is an issue as well as brakes freezing in the winter. When construction is done with the new industrial tech facility, the current shop will be used to house vehicles as well. This facility will be guarded and monitored very heavily.

MMCRU superintendent Jan Brandhorst shared what he thought of this project quoting, The goal of this progress is to get buses inside instead of having them out in all of the elements year round. This will help to keep the school buses looking nice and we wont have to replace paint. All around this is a very good thing.

Mayor of Marcus and MMC transportation director Gary Husman said, I think its a good deal. Its going to help the school out a lot. It sounds like a very well put plan to me. The school was limited on places to go. The area will be secured. The wash bay in it will make cleaning the buses easier also.