Royals Youth Association appoints a Youth Coordinator

Thursday, December 7, 2017
From left, President of the Royals Youth Association, Bruce Dreckman, welcomes the newly appointed Royals Youth Coordinator, Morrie Marks. (Photo contributed)

The Royals Youth Association Board would like to inform everyone that this year we are going to be utilizing a youth coordinator in our program. We have been discussing this for several years and we feel very strongly about our decision and are happy to reveal our thoughts, ideas and plans to everyone.

The Royals Youth Board is happy to announce that Morrie Marks will be our Royals Youth Coordinator and believes he will be a great asset to the program. This is a new program and when trying new things it will have some wrinkles to iron out and things to modify. So please give this an open-minded chance and if you do have respectful suggestions please talk to a Royals Youth Board Member and we will discuss it at the next meeting.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will organize and run RPA (Royals Players Association) softball and baseball for a minimum of four hours once a week (preferably Sunday afternoon) from January 1 thru April 1.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will open and supervise the youth sports complex for a minimum of five hours once a week (preferably on Sunday afternoon) from April 1 thru July 1. Weather permitting; this may change to indoors. Please watch the RPA Facebook page and text messaging from the Royals Youth Association for details.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will assist athletes, coaches and parents with batting, pitching, fielding and all areas of softball and baseball. These benefits will be available to MMCRU students, coaches and parents and will be at no cost to you. Parents are not only welcome, but are ENCOURAGED TO STAY at RPA’s and team practices and learn, so when you are at home you can continue to work with your kids on their skills. Repetition and muscle memory is very important to improving skills in all sports. We need parent involvement at home to help your kids become more polished athletes.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will find, get certified, train and assign the umpires.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will be the League Representative for all leagues and will attend the pre-season meeting for both softball and baseball.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will over see and maintain our complex and ground crew equipment as well as preparing the fields for all games.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will order all the equipment for both softball and baseball (bats, balls, helmets and catchers gear – NOT uniforms). Coaches if you need something or have questions please call the Royals Youth Coordinator. We will provide these details at a later date.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will organize and run two tournaments a year.

• The Royals Youth Coordinator will work closely with the High School Softball and Baseball Head Coaches and all youth coaches to bring consistency and stability to our program.

We have had many discussions on this topic and we believe Morrie has the ability to fulfill these requirements and respectfully serve this position.  We strongly believe that this person also has the experience, passion, knowledge, instructing ability, and time to dedicate to the program. His knowledge and understanding of the rules of the game will benefit the players along with the umpires.

Morrie officially doesn’t start until January 1, 2018, but is hitting the ground running and is going through all the equipment and is already planning for the January RPA’s. The next time you see Morrie, please help us welcome him as our Royals Youth Coordinator.

Members of the Royals Youth Association Board include Bruce Dreckman - President, Shane Bork - Vice President, Laura Staab - Secretary, Laura Lunders - Treasurer, Heather Youde, Mike Olson, Dean Hilbrands, Chris Johnson, and Chris Poeckes.