MMCRU hosts Girls’ Basketball Jamboree

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The annual MMCRU Girls’ Basketball Jamboree was held at MMCRU High School on Thursday, Nov. 16. The matches played were only half games. The first match was South O’Brien vs. Kingsley-Pierson and the final score was 47-28 in favor of K-P. The second match was Whiting vs. Clay Central-Everly with the final score was CCE winning 38-16. George-Little Rock vs. Akron-Westfield in the third match had A-W winning with a score of 24-17. The fourth match had Sheldon beating Hinton with a final score of 14 to 9. MMCRU was in the fifth match vs. Siouxland Christian and the Royals fell by a score of 17-14.

Head coach Gillian Letsche shared how she felt about the jamboree quoting, “I was very impressed with the girls at the jamboree. They worked hard and even though we lost our game, it was fun to watch and the girls had fun. It is going to be a very fun year.” Sophomore player Kaelee Letsche shared her opinion quoting, “I thought we played really well together. I hope that we all find our strengths as individuals and use them for our team and utilize them in games as a whole.”

MMCRU also took part in their first scrimmage of the year at LeMars Community last week and the first game of the regular season is at Storm Lake St. Mary’s on November 21.