Not so novice anymore

Friday, October 13, 2017
(Sentinel Photo by Kim Fickett) Mary Davis, Wells Enterprises’ chief financial officer’s executive assistant, led a group of 40 fellow finance team members in their latest community service project, creating an Alley Art piece. The piece is the first time the group has done a project such as this. It was completed in July and hangs in the north alley of the former Close to Home store.

LE MARS — “A group of novice painters” are the latest to contribute to the Alley Art project that graces the many alley ways throughout Le Mars.

That is how Mary Davis, Wells Enterprises’ chief financial officer’s executive administrative assistant, described the team of 40 finance employees who lent a hand in the creation of the latest design “Life is Sweet”.

“We were looking for something simple, whimsical, and fun and that we could complete in one day and would complement the other pieces nearby,” Davis said.

The piece, which measures 12-foot by 12-foot, can be found on the north alley wall of the former Close to Home building.

Davis said the idea came about when she was looking for service project ideas and one of the employees mentioned contacting Mary Reynolds for some ideas.

“She presented me with the Alley Art idea,” Davis said. “I was looking for something really different and this was it.”

After a few weeks of picking out a design, paint, selecting a location and getting everyone signed up in teams for the big painting day, the group was ready to get started.

“I think it looks pretty good especially since our group is novice painters,” Davis said. “It is such a unique project and it was fun to complete a community service project that is very different from what we often do.”

While it was nice for the team to step outside the box, Davis said they also enjoyed being able to add to the Alley Art collection.

“It is a nice feeling to contribute to the beautification of the Le Mars downtown. It is amazing how it transforms alleys into a place you want to explore,” Davis said.

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