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George McGovern's sister wouldn't vote for him!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote as if your life depends on it.

Three weeks before the recent death of former presidential candidate George McGovern, the Daily Republic ran an old quote from his sister, Mildred (McGovern) Brady. Brother George, a South Dakota Senator, ran against President Richard Nixon in 1972. Winning only Massachusetts, the very liberal Senator lost 49 of 50 states, even his home state of S.D.

Mildred and husband Harold Brady (Westmar Registrar) lived at 1108 Central Ave. S.E. in Le Mars, in 1972, with daughters Carol and Barbara. Mildred, a nursing supervisor at Brentwood, took a leave of absence to work on the campaign, but she was not always as supportive. George was a Democrat in a Republican family, and in the very Republican state of S.D.

One day in the 1930s the 12-year-old George and his younger sister had a squabble, she later admitted. When asked by his mother what he planned to do with his life, George said he wasn't sure, but he wanted to learn as much as he could and do as much as he could for as many people as possible.

"I know it," Mildred said. "I just know it! He's going to grow up to be president -- but I'm not going to vote for him!" But long before 1972, she had changed her mind about that.

Mildred passed away in Sioux Falls in 2010. Harold lives in Sioux Falls and is significantly handicapped with Parkinson's. Barb (Brady) Stanley resides in Sioux Falls and Carol Brady now lives in Charleston, S.C.

Losing the birth, or resident, state isn't that unusual. Polk, Taylor, Lincoln, Wilson, Nixon, and both Bushes did that and still won the election. Forty-three times the losing candidate has lost one or both, including some reelection attempts.

Only Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama are listed as having no previous executive experience before becoming President. Is that three of the best - or odd man out?!

Four of the five richest presidents since 1929 were Democrats, as was the poorest (Harry Truman) in that time span. Romney's net worth is $250M (Washington Post), and Obama had $11.8 million in 2010.

The richest presidents, in 2010 dollars, in order are; Kennedy, Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Jackson, Madison, Johnson, Hoover, FDR, Tyler, Clinton, Monroe, Van Buren, and Cleveland. Six were Democrats, three Democratic-Republicans, two were Republicans and Washington was unaffiliated.

Presidential candidates have had interesting slogans. William Henry Harrison's, "Tippecanoe and Tyler too," referred to the 1811 battle in which Harrison defeated Tecumseh; John Tyler was Harrison's running mate.

"Happy days are here again," the 1932 slogan of FDR, trumped the "We are turning the corner" of Hoover. That last one sounds familiar, doesn't it?! It would be 13 years (until the end of WW II) that there was much to celebrate about.

"Give Em; Hell Harry" was popular in 1948, as was "I like Ike," and, "I still Like Ike" in 1952 and '56. The Reagan slogan of, "Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?" is enjoying a re-run this year.

"It's the economy, stupid," Clinton said in 1992. Obama's use of "Change We Can Believe In" in 2008 overcame Palin's, "Drill Baby Drill." This year Obama's is simply "Forward," while Romney touts, "Believe in America."

There have been some snarky slogans put out by the opposition and one of the worst was employed against that 1972 McGovern campaign. "Acid, Amnesty, and Abortion for All," was uttered by Missouri Senator Thomas F. Eagleton, before he briefly became McGovern's VP choice. (Robert Novak)

"Ma, Ma where's my Pa?" was used by the James Blaine supporters against his opponent Grover Cleveland, referring to fact Cleveland had fathered an illegitimate child in 1874. When Cleveland was elected President, his supporters added the line, "Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha!"


Choices. Did you vote Democrat because you love the fact that you can now marry whoever you want? "Like, you've decided to marry your sister and your German Shepherd." Or, did you vote Republican because you don't trust the government, although you favored government spying on health/financial records and tapping your phone when Bush was in office to keep us safe from 'terrorists?'

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By Don Paulin
Been There, Done That

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