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Friday, October 26, 2012

An uncle living in California dreamed the farm he had called home in Iowa during his childhood had been hit by a tornado. The dream bothered him. He phoned his brother who now lived on that farm. The phone was out of order. The farm had been hit by a tornado that day. Has something similar happened to you. It is called, having a premonition.

A little research on the Internet told me there is no such thing as a valid premonition. I suspected that was a fact and yet I have dreamed about someone I have not talked to in a long time. The next day that person phones me or I get a note from her.

We are playing cards. Whenever I look at my brother-in-law, Gerald, I think instead of a different brother, Paul. Then my husband says something that would be exactly what Paul would say in a similar situation. Then I remember. I wanted to send Paul a card and note for his birthday and it had slipped my mind. Maybe that is not exactly a premonition, but it is certainly the mind at work in an odd way.

A friend told me she was looking through some photographs. A picture of her daughter stirred up feelings of pride and happiness. She continued to dredge up thoughts of the girl during the day, and each time her heart lifted with joy. Later that evening the daughter phoned, bubbling with happiness. She had just accepted an engagement ring from her true love and couldn't wait to share the news with her mom. Did that mother subconsciously know this was going to be a special day for her daughter?

I was out in front of the house and saw a stranger walking past. He didn't look toward me so I saw only a side view, but he reminded me of my husband's uncle who lives on the West Coast. I watched the man walk up the street and even his stride looked like Uncle Ed's walk.

Back in the house I was preparing for guests in the afternoon. I went to the china closet and took out a dish for some candy. It was only later when I was putting it away that I remembered it was the one given to us by that very same uncle and his wife the last time they had been here to visit. After our guests left we turned on the television to watch some of the summer Olympics. The girls' volleyball coach made me think of Uncle Ed again. By this time I realized I was thinking way too much about that man.

I pulled out my laptop computer and e-mailed a letter to Ed's wife, Marcy. I told her either I had an unhealthy crush on her husband or there was something wrong. "Is Ed okay?" I asked.

A couple of hours later she sent an e-mail reply: "Ed says he used to think you were a psycho. Now he wonders if you are a psychic."

She wrote he had just learned he had a major health problem. What is the explanation for this? I am still trying to figure it out but, at the same time, I am smarting from the news that he is not only sick, but he once considered me a psycho.

Mine is a very unscientific study, but I have come to the conclusion that there are other people out there whose minds work in odd ways. If we choose to say we had a premonition, so be it. And yes, I am still slightly wounded. Psycho indeed.

By Mary S. Roder
Musing With Mary

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