Tis the season to be creepy: Haunted house Saturday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
(Photo contributed) Ready for a good scare? Members of HYPER (Helping Young Professionals Energize the Region) will be hosting the Haunted Shelter House of Horror for the second year in a row at the Le Mars Municipal Park this Saturday from 6-10 p.m. Adults and youth can walk through the haunted house, and they can even come in their own costumes if they like.

Ever wanted to meet an evil 1950s housewife?

Or hang out with some creepy clowns and monsters?

Things are going to get scary at Le Mars' second annual Haunted Shelter House of Horrors.

This Saturday, from 6-10 p.m., the local young professionals organization HYPER is inviting people to the haunted house at the Le Mars Municipal Park.

The HYPER group is excited to spook people out with new haunted scenes and creepy costumes inside the shelter house.

"It's dark, it's foggy, there's scary music," said Hallie Evans, a board member for HYPER, or Helping Young Professionals Energize the Region.

"We've been working on it for a long time, so we're psyched," she said.

HYPER is inviting everyone from students to adults to enjoy the Haunted Shelter House.

"It's an adrenaline rush to be scared," said Miranda Hall, secretary of HYPER.

She suggested adult groups who do game nights or girls' nights out visit the HYPER Haunted Shelter House together.

"It's fun to do something different." she said.

Both Hall and Evans plan to be dressing up as part of the spooky haunted house cast.

"It's a lot of creative people throwing ideas together," Hall said.

The community has already been supportive of the haunted HYPER event.

"A lot of local businesses have been donating materials or giving us discounts," Hall said. "That's been a big help."

A small admission fee will be charged at the Haunted Shelter House, and the money raised will be used in the community, Hall and Evans said.

"We wanted to keep it cheap so there's something exciting to do in Le Mars but something families can afford to do together," Evans said, then grinned. "If they can work up the nerve."

There will be refreshments after people walk through the Haunted Shelter House, Evans said.

HYPER members recommend wearing warm clothes.

Although the shelter house itself may be warm inside, people will have to wait outside in line to enter, they explained.

HYPER is inviting students in fourth grade and higher to stop out at the Haunted Shelter House.

For younger children, Hall and Evans recommend that parents make the call on whether to let them visit the haunted house.

"It's more on the scary side," Evans said.

The Le Mars Municipal Park's Haunted Shelter House is near the upper parking lot in the park.

It can be accessed on Park Lane, which runs from Fourth Avenue Northeast to Highway 3 East.

This is the second year HYPER has turned the shelter house into a house of horrors in Le Mars.

Last year, the first year the group tried the event, there was a great turnout, Evans said.

"We don't really have anything like this in town," she said. "A lot of people really appreciated it so we thought it would be a good idea to try to keep doing it."

Hall agreed.

"It's something we want to grow and try to make better every year," she said.

The Le Mars HYPER group currently has about 50 members, and new people are always welcome, Hall said.

Although HYPER is called a young professionals organization, there is no age limit for members, she added.

For more information, contact Hall, Evans or other HYPER members, including the group's president, Misty Szczech, at Jan Wagner Real Estate.

Hall's email address is Miranda@btbattys.com.

People can also visit the HYPER Le Mars page online on Facebook.

"We have monthly membership meetings, the third Thursday of every month," Hall said.

Every other month they are held at Mr. P's Pizza and Sports Grill at 5 p.m. or at the Wells Enterprises corporate campus cafeteria at noon, she explained.

The next meeting will be at noon on Nov. 15 at the Wells cafeteria.

People meeting with the HYPER group can eat lunch in the cafeteria, and they should let Evans or Hall know, they said.

Future events for HYPER include an ugly Christmas sweater party in December and future community service activities.

The group recently helped paint a local home with Habitat for Humanity, and members have also painted ornaments with Life Skills Training Center in Le Mars.

"It's another service organization to energize our community," Evans said. "We want there to be things to do to keep people happy to be in Le Mars, to make it a community that people want to live in."

The group also aims to help people new to Le Mars make connections, meet people and have activities to be a part of, Hall added.

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