Schiltz earns WEC crown, Gehlen girls get second

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
(Sentinel photo by Kent Jones) Hinton senior Drew Schiltz took first place on Monday by more than 40 seconds ahead of the next closest finisher.

ORANGE CITY -- Drew Schiltz took the top spot in the War Eagle Conference varsity boys' track meet on Monday, while Gehlen Catholic placed second in the varsity girls' race.

Schiltz finished with a time of 17:24.6, more than 40 seconds ahead of the runner-up, amidst windy conditions on Monday.

"His time was a little bit slower than I had hoped, but he pretty handily was successful," said Hinton cross country coach Pete Haefs. "With the wind conditions, I'm pretty happy with him taking first place, even though I would have hoped to see a little bit quicker time out of him today."

Two spots behind Schiltz was Gehlen Catholic senior Jacob Begnoche. Begnoche placed third to pace the Jays with a time of 18:20.1. Nathan Klein and Andrew Lipp earned all-conference honors along with Begnoche as Gehlen earned third place out of five teams.

"I am really impressed (with the boys' squad) because last year, Jacob made all conference, but Andrew, Jacob and Nathan Klein all made all-conference," said Gehlen coach Teresa Taylor. "I was super excited to see them tough it out."

Begnoche and fellow Gehlen runner Alvaro Pons missed a race last week due to illness.

Remsen St. Mary's Nick Ahlers earned 22nd place for the highest finish for RSM at the WEC meet.

Zack Kellogg paced the Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn/Remsen-Union team that was without Roman Galles and Ben Brady for the meet. Kellogg placed 31st with a time of 22:13.0.

"The boys didn't run as well as we would have liked them to," said MMC-RU coach Mark Fisher. "The times weren't as good. I think, looking at it, Nathan Ruba ran a pretty good time. I thought Zack ran a little bit slower than he has been, same with Mark. We were missing a couple guys too. That would have helped out.

"It wasn't as fast as we would have liked, but they ran hard."

Unity Christian took the top three spots in the varsity girls' race. The first non-Unity runner to cross the finish line was MMC-RU junior Nicki Schwarz, who placed fourth in 16:59.06.

"She ended up running her best time," Fisher said. "She broke 17 (minutes) for the first time in her career. That's what we have kind of been pushing her towards is trying to get into that 16-range so she can start moving towards state. It was good for her."

Leah Ellensohn's seventh place time of 17:22.76 led Gehlen Catholic to second place in the varsity girls' standings. Alli Sitzmann was the team's second-best finisher in 11th at 17:42.75.

"(Ellensohn) has been super determined this season and really strong," Taylor said. "It was good to see them running close, both Alli and Leah and Maggie (DeRocher) and Alexis (Madsen) were running really close together. It's really exciting."

Taylor had high praise for sophomore and first-year runner Rachel Tentinger. Tentinger's time of 19:24.48 put her in 17th as Gehlen's fifth and final counting score. Gehlen finished with 53 points. Unity led with just 16 points.

"That's how I was hoping we would do because Unity is a really quality strong," Taylor said. "I told the girls to try to get in there and break them up as much as possible, but we knew that we would probably get second."

Hinton senior Haley Grenko led the Blackhawks with a time of 17:33.18 to finish ninth. Shaeler Lund earned all-conference honors in 11th place at 18:05.44.

"I'm very happy with Shaeler (Lund) and Haley (Grenko) on the girls' squad," Haefs said. "They both did a nice job."

Haefs said he saw improvements throughout the boys' and girls' teams.

"We're just finding our consistency at this point in the season," Haefs said. "They have improved so much from race to race. Now we're just seeing a bit of a plateau."

WEC meet results:

(Sentinel photo by Kent Jones) Gehlen Catholic's Jacob Begnoche finished in third place in the varsity boys' race at the War Eagle Conference meet on Monday.

Varsity boys

1. Drew Schiltz, Sr., Hinton, 17:24.6.

2. Daniel Patterson, Sr., South O'Brien, 18:05.7.

3. Jacob Begnoche, Sr., Gehlen, 18:20.1.

4. Trevor Kauk, Sr., Unity, 18:23.2.

5. Benjamin Broers, Jr., Unity, 18:32.8.

6. Michael Grady, Sr., Spalding, 18:36.3.

7. Alex Dorhout, So., Unity, 18:41.0.

8. Luke Hoger, Sr., South O'Brien, 18:56.7.

9. Michael Wolgen, Jr., Unity, 19:06.7.

10. Jose Montes, Jr., West Sioux, 19:14.7.

11. Nathan Klein, So., Gehlen, 19:17.5.

15. Andrew Lipp, Sr., Gehlen, 19:50.6.

19. Cole Mills, Jr., Hinton, 20:22.1.

20. Alvaro Pons, So., Gehlen, 20:25.0.

22. Nick Ahlers, Sr., RSM, 20:30.3.

25. Greg Langel, Jr., Gehlen, 21:11.0.

(Sentinel photo by Kent Jones) Remsen St. Mary's senior Nick Ahlers finished 22nd in the WEC meet in Orange City on Monday.

26. Shawn Denney-Taylor, Fr., Gehlen, 21:17.0.

27. Ben Vonheeder, Sr., Hinton, 21:20.9.

28. Alex Stack, Fr., Hinton, 21:25.4.

29. Carter Brock, Sr., Hinton, 21:33.9.

33. Zack Kellogg, Sr., MMC-RU, 22:13.0

34. Ben Fuentes, So., Gehlen, 22:13.6.

35. Nathan Ruba, So., MMC-RU, 22:14.9.

38. Reese Burke, Jr., Hinton, 22:59.4.

40. Mason Binneboese, Jr., Hinton, 24:21.2.

41. Mark Peters, Jr., MMC-RU, 24:24.4.

42. Trevor Hansen, Jr., A-W, 24:27.6.

43. Daniel Russell, So., RSM, 24:55.8.

44. Greg Weiler, Fr., RSM, 26:11.4.

Varsity team scores: 1. Unity Christian, 34; 2 South O'Brien, 55; 3. Gehlen Catholic, 67; 4. Hinton, 93; 5. West Sioux.

(Sentinel photo by Kent Jones) MMC-RU's Nicki Schwarz ran a fourth place time of 16:59.06. on Monday in Orange City.

Varsity girls

(Sentinel photo by Kent Jones) Gehlen Catholic junior Leah Ellensohn earned seventh place in the varsity girls' race on Monday.

1. Kassidy De Jong, So., Unity, 15:43.85.

2. Jacklyn Hoogland, So., Unity, 16:28.79.

3. Tara Tilstra, So., Unity, 16:55.25.

4. Nicki Schwarz, Jr., MMC-RU, 16:59.06.

5. Kirsten Elyea, Jr., HMS, 17:10.15.

6. Samantha Bandstra, Sr., Unity, 17:12.87.

7. Leah Ellensohn, Jr., Gehlen, 17:22.76.

8. Alyssa Fedders, Fr., Unity, 17:29.48.

9. Haley Grenko, Sr., Hinton, 17:33.18.

10. Jennifer Droog, So., Unity, 17:36.37.

11. Alli Sitzmann, Sr., Gehlen, 17:42.75.

12. Shaeler Lund, Jr., Hinton, 18:05.44.

15. Maggie DeRocher, So., Gehlen, 18:41.46.

16. Alex Madsen, Jr., Gehlen, 18:51.43.

17. Rachel Tentinger, So., Gehlen, 19:24.48.

(Sentinel photo by Kent Jones) Akron-Westfield freshman Kiley Schoen finished with a time of 24:14.65 on Monday.

18. Kayla Brady, Fr., MMC-RU, 19:51.28.

24. Sarah Bird, Sr., MMC-RU, 20:46.79.

25. Brylee Schindel, Jr., Hinton, 20:56.28.

26. Alex Yoerger, Jr., Hinton, 21:07.04.

27. Hannah Dodds, So., Hinton, 21:07.34.

28. Abby Cook, So., Hinton, 21:08.90.

29. Kimberly Schroeder, Sr., MMC-RU, 21:20.50.

30. Ashley Kellen, Sr., Gehlen, 21:31.40.

31. Hannah Sitzmann, Jr., Gehlen, 21:49.10.

34. Danielle Schroeder, Sr., RSM, 23:18.93.

35. Kiley Schoen, Fr., A-W, 24:14.65.

36. Jaclyn Smith, Sr., A-W, 25:45.79.

Varsity team scores: 1. Unity Christian, 16; 2. Gehlen Catholic, 53; 3. Hinton, 65.

Junior varsity boys

1. Nathaniel Horstman, Jr., Unity, 19:19.2.

2. Klay Byker, So., Unity, 19:27.7.

3. Andrew Kaemingk, So., Unity, 19:43.8.

4. Matthew Jacobsma, Jr., Unity, 20:34.0.

5. Brendan Miedema, So., Unity, 20:51.6.

10. Jake Pridie, Fr., Hinton.

20. Nathan Briggs, Fr., Hinton, 23:17.8.

24. David Puhl, So., Gehlen, 25:19.2.

28. Alec Wodtke, So., 26:21.2.

30. Andrew Moos, Fr., Hinton, 27:02.6.

31. Casey Briggs, Fr., 27:03.9.

32. Luis Moreno, Sr., Gehlen, 28:44.9.

Junior varsity team scores: 1, Unity Christian, 15; 2. South O'Brien, 52; 3. Hinton, 79.

Junior varsity girls

1. Erica Noteboom, Sr., Unity, 18:06.4.

2. Heather Kaemingk, Sr., Unity, 18:24.8.

3. Erin Bandstra, Fr., Unity, 18:49.6.

4. Brianna Driesen, So., Unity, 19:24.5.

5. Rebecca Perez, Sr., Unity, 19:25.9.

9. Addison Bak, So., Hinton, 21:20.8.

10. Rachel Grenko, So., Hinton, 21:38.6.

12. Rachel Kellen, So., Gehlen, 22:19.3.

13. Riley Hicklin, Jr., Hinton, 23:59.0.

Junior varsity team scores: 1. Unity Christian, 15.

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