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Martin is Coming! Martin is Coming!

Monday, September 24, 2012

(The following is an e-mail I received a couple weeks ago)

"I am a somewhat liberal Democrat who lives in Ames, who is appalled at the prospect of having Mr. King represent me in Congress. However, always willing to be open-minded (a hallmark of the true liberal you will agree), I visited Mr. King's Ames office recently to discuss the Congressman with his staff. [In full disclosure, the visit occurred after I had picketed the office to highlight Mr. King's remarks that could be construed as being indifferent to animal cruelty.]"

"When I mentioned that I cannot find anyone in my circle of friends who is a supporter of Mr. King and asked where I could find someone who could speak positively about him and his political objectives I was told that I should go to Le Mars ... "They love him up there."

"I've decided to take the staffer's word and travel to Le Mars and seek out King supporters to discuss why they support him. I must admit that the Blue Bunny factory is also appealing ... I'm hoping that they offer tours and free samples."

"Here are some questions that I need some help answering to make my visit profitable (unless the Blue Bunny tour materializes):

1. As a visitor from Ames should I wear protective gear while visiting Le Mars? (My wife has declined to join me on this trip fearing that we would be physically accosted. While I doubt this will happen I may wear my lucky jacket for protection ... it actually saved my life once.) "

2. Where in town would I be most likely to find King supporters willing to talk to me? My inclination is to look for a cafe or diner, put a sign on my table saying something like, "Do you support Steve King for Representative? Is there a best time of day or day of the week to seek out King supporters?

3. Are there any Democrats in Le Mars? I'm serious, if you know the Democrat in Le Mars please tell me how to find him (her?).

"Thanks, Martin Edelson, Liberal Democrat. How liberal you ask? So liberal that I'm actually happy that Noah did not crush those two mosquitoes."


(My reply, in jest, is somewhat abridged) Dear mosquito loving appalled:

Yes, Steve King is popular in Le Mars, and pretty much all of Iowa west of Ames. Just how popular he really is will not be known until a formidable opponent chooses to run against him. You can't beat anyone with nothing, especially unprepared carpetbaggers.

There are many fine Democrats in Plymouth County, but most of the D's in the area don't consider it 'cruel' to raise animals to feed the world. They usually keep their pets in the house.

I rather doubt that "The Bunny" will provide tours to anyone leaning toward terrorism (wearing protective gear could indicate an ambivalent suicide bomber). Maybe even lunch - I assume that to be of the vegan type? What type of government work are you retired from?

You would find Le Mars residents "Iowa Nice," pleasant, and quite willing to converse with you, not at all confrontational like your ICCI friends. You will find a lot of Cyclone fans there, and both you and your wife will be safe.

Sincerely, Don Paulin, former Le Mars Mayor and a sometimes moderate/never liberal, Republican.

P.S. - Perhaps I shouldn't be judgmental - how far along is your mosquito caused West Nile disease? (Remember, all is in jest!)


Mr. Edelson and I plan to meet at the Truck Stop around 11:30 AM Saturday, the 29th, then go to Habitué about 12:30, and at the Blue Bunny Parlor after that. Please join us and visit with this prominent Ames gentleman! He is the retired director of the US Department of Energy Lab at ISU, the President of the Ames Jewish Congregation, and board member of the greater Des Moines Jewish Federation. I have yet to meet him but am looking forward to this Saturday.

Don Paulin, 2carpenterdon@gmail.com, 7557 30th Av, Norwalk, IA 50211 - 515-201-7236

By Don Paulin
Been There, Done That

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