Quilt takes $4,000 bid at annual fair auction

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Plymouth County Fair Prince Dominick Foley holds a walnut woodcarving of a coyote/wolf howling at the moon. The A.J. Lutter carving sold for $900 at the Plymouth County Fair auction held Sunday in Pioneer Village.

Even a hot sunny Sunday afternoon with temperatures in the 90s didn't discourage bidders at the annual Plymouth County Fair Auction held in Pioneer Village.

When Bruce Brock yelled out the final "Sold!" fair board members were smiling at the $19,625 raised by the sale of wood carvings, collector items, belt buckles, fair trucks, a quilt and benches.

A quilt constructed by Geri Dreckman and machine-quilted by Mary Roder took the top bid of the day -- $4,000 by Greg and Pam Wells.

A king-size quilt, constructed by Geri Dreckman and machine quilted by Mary Roder, brought $4,000 on the fair auction Sunday. Holding the quilt are Fair King Grady Farrer and Fair Princess Molly Renken.

The king-size quilt, called Hidden Circles, measures 90-x-106 inches and is all cotton. It took more than 270 hours to complete, according to Dreckman.

The quilt also took a blue ribbon in the creative hobbies division in the open class building.

The four belt buckles, donated by the Town & Country Toy Club, were purchased by Jerome and Ilene Dreckman. The couple has purchased the set of belt buckles for a number of years.

The No. 1 pewter buckle brought $300, and the No. 2 pewter buckle sold for $150.

The No. 1 colored buckle brought $400, with the No. 2 color buckle bringing $250.

The 2012 buckle honored the Demo Derby.

Four 10 gallon milk cans with Wells' Dairy markings brought a total of $400.

The cans, which were used years ago to haul milk from farms to the dairy, represent a bygone era in the dairy industry.

The milk can with flat lid and Wells' Dairy on the lid was sold to Scott Thoms for $100.

Mike Flanigan purchased a can with lid with Wells' Dairy markings on the side for $80.

The milk can with lid with Wells' Dairy green markings was sold to American Bank for $160.

Al DeVos purchased the fourth can with Wells' Dairy markings for $60.

Jerry Gorrell put his woodworking talents to work again this year, constructing a single-seat bench and a two-seat bench from boards from the old beef barns taken down last August at the fairgrounds.

Ian Koskovich bid $325 for the single-seat bench, while Gregg and Rhonda Roepke took home the two seat bench for $700.

Two 2012 fair semi-trucks, donated by the Le Mars Toy Store, were also on the auction.

The No. 1 truck sold for $350, with the No. 2 truck going for $450. Both trucks were purchased by Dave and Pat Lehner.

Fifteen chainsaw woodcarvings by A.J. Lutter were the final items on the auction and brought in a total of $12,300.

Brock called Lutter forward to thank him for keeping the Plymouth County Fair on his list of fairs each year.

"A.J. has sold his shop and is doing only a few fairs. Ours is one," said Brock as he gave Lutter a handshake.

The first woodcarving, the rabbit with a welcome sign in walnut was purchased by Gail Schoenrock for her husband, Phil, in honor of their 34th wedding anniversary. Her bid was $400.

Two items took a top bid of $1,050.

The standing bear with a welcome sign carved from walnut was purchased by Dean Varenhorst.

The large eagle in walnut was purchased by Jake and Diane Ruden.

The other items, the price, and purchaser are:

* Pig in walnut, $900, Steve Sitzmann.

* Owl in walnut, $800, Pat Murphy.

* Gnome in walnut, $1,000, Greg and Pam Wells and son, Curran.

* Boots in walnut, $1,000, John and Debra Ahlers Farm.

* Frog/lizard in cedar, $800, Ideal Cleaners/Kathy Stone.

* Coyote/wolf howling at moon in walnut, $900, Dan and Judy Carpenter.

* Turtle in walnut, $900, Greg and Pam Wells.

* Indian chief head in cedar, $650, Brett McNaughton.

* Squirrel in walnut, $900, Albert and Dorothy Schulz.

* Pine tree/log cabin in walnut, $800, Jason and Rachel Schoenrock.

* Three pine trees with bear plaque in walnut, $500, Lisa Jacobson.

* Eagle head welcome plaque in walnut, $650, Terri Brock.

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