Time to savor the flavor

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ice Cream Days, Le Mars' annual community celebration, is underway. From now through Saturday night, the town will be a beehive of activity, with literally something for everyone.

We have been running news articles about the events, and a daily schedule is in the paper, as well as online at the city's website.

June is Dairy Month and it makes sense that a community that has such a rich heritage in milk production and adding value to the raw materials have its summer celebration in June.

It has been nearly a century since Fred Wells purchased his dairy business. The growth of what is now known as Wells Enterprises and the imprint left on the community is impressive.

It is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and the solid work ethic of the people in Le Mars and Plymouth County that the dairy industry has grown and produced so many jobs in so many different industries.

Not only do we have milk and ice cream being produced here, we have packaging, transportation and storage, as well as the business that support them.

A resolution authored by Rep. Ralph Klemme and passed by the Iowa Legislature in 1994 designated Le Mars the Ice Cream Capital of the World. Le Mars continues to work on making the most out of this designation, promoting and marketing the community to visitors as well as potential new businesses and residents.

This effort has taken many twists and turns. The construction of a Ice Cream Capital of the World Visitors Center and the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in 2001 was the first tangible tourist destination.

It's been a year since the ice cream parlor moved downtown into a larger, more opulent location downtown. This move created a better tourist destination.

The public art project of fiberglass ice cream cones (and the cow) brings another level of distinction and attraction to our community.

Events like Ice Cream Days are a time to showcase our community, as well as stop and consider what has been built.

We have much to be proud of.