New dental business location is care-centered

Monday, April 23, 2012
Drs. Karla Bechtold (left) and Tammy Rhea-Bohnenkamp offer care to patients in rooms like this in the new Le Mars Dental Center location, Business Highway 75. The general dentists combined Le Mars and Remsen locations with the relocation April 9.

Le Mars Dental Center patients are being welcomed to a Business Highway 75 location designed for their care.

Drs. Tammy Rhea-Bohnenkamp and Karla Bechtold, general dentists, relocated practices in Le Mars and Remsen to the office in southwest Le Mars April 9.

Rhea-Bohnenkamp said she and Bechtold want people to feel welcome and comfortable and know they're being taken care of at the new dental center.

"I truly feel this is a reflection of the quality of care we provide," Rhea-Bohnenkamp said.

Patients may look out spacious windows and the décor features light colors.

"I just feel like it's a very calming place and, really, that's what we wanted," she said.

Construction began in October 2010 was finished ahead of the scheduled June completion due to warm weather, Rhea-Bohnenkamp said.

The new location is more spacious and patients won't have steps or a ramp into the dental office, Bechtold said.

"Our staff is now all combined under one roof," she said.

There is a staff of 10, two dentists and one part-time employee.

When Le Mars Dental Center relocated from Plymouth Street, the move included new equipment.

"We were able to update some of our equipment and we are now offer all digital x-rays, " Bechtold said.

One of the previous office locations didn't offer the digital technology.

"You get your picture of the tooth in an instant; there's no wait for patients, it speeds up their visit and it's less radiation exposure, which is always a concern for patients," Bechtold said.

The new digital technology has both patient and environmental benefits, Rhea-Bohnenkamp said.

"It's very good for the patient because it's low radiation and it's very good for the environment because there's no longer any chemicals," she said. "It's truly better for us in a lot of different realms."

Water quality is another focus of the relocation.

"We distill our own water here and we have contained water so that everybody has clean water," Rhea-Bohnenkamp said.

Lasers are a part of the practice for both diagnosis and treatment.

One of the lasers may be placed on a tooth to provide information to the dentist.

"It will provide the density of the tooth so if you have a cavity in that tooth, we're able to tell you have a cavity and how deep it might be just by the reading that comes off of the tooth," Rhea-Bohnenkamp said.

Lasers may also used to take care of tissues, she said.

Lasers are more gentle than cutting tissues and healing is faster, according to Bechtold.

Rhea-Bohnenkamp said televisions with headphones are in patient areas and also serve as monitors/displays where patients may see images related to their care.

Services offered by Le Mars Dental Center include crowns, filling restorations, partial plates, implants and sleep apnea appliances.

The appliances move the jaw forward and position the tongue out of the airway and the person is able to sleep and breath on their own, Rhea-Bohnenkamp said.

The new office location in Le Mars marks a milestone Rhea-Bohnenkamp had set when she started her practice 21 years ago.

"I always wanted to have a nice building that would reflect the quality of care I provided," she said.

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