Iowa Ethanol Plant Report

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Corn is spot bid at selected Ethanol plants in Iowa as of 8:00 A.M.
Distiller Grains with Solubles (DGS) is FOB the plant
Ethanol is the spot market, FOB the plant.
Prices quoted: corn dollars/bushel, DGS dollars/ton, ethanol dollars/gallon

              Bids           Change (/bu)      Basis         Change
Yellow Corn E 6.4500-6.6500  DN 7-DN 9          -19K to 1K    UP 2-UNCH
     E mostly 6.4500-6.5700

            W 6.4900-6.7200  DN 9-DN 6          -15K to 8K    UNCH-UP 3
     W mostly 6.4900-6.5700

              Offers         Change ($/ton)
Dried Distillers Grain  (10% Moisture)
            E 204.00-208.00  UNCH
            W 205.00-210.00  UNCH

Modified Wet Distillers Grain (50-55% Moisture)
            E 100.00-104.00  UNCH
            W 104.00-105.00  UNCH

Wet Distillers Grain (65-70% Moisture)
        E & W 65.25-98.00    UNCH
       Mostly 65.25-74.00

Ethanol       W/E Mar 16     Change ($/gal)
        E & W 2.16-2.25      UP 0.01-UNCH

Bio-Energy Report Notes:
Protein content 28-30% for most distiller grains on a dry matter basis.
Modified Wet Distillers Grain is a partially dried product. Wet Distillers
Grain is a a non-dried product.

Yellow Corn = US #2

E is east of Interstate 35. W is west of Interstate 35.

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March, J April,
K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October, X November, Z December

Source: USDA Market News Service, Des Moines, IA
        Jodee Inman  515-284-4460
 24 Hour recorded market information 515-284-4830

          819C JRI