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The News; Cain Rising or Raising Cain?

Monday, November 14, 2011

The John Deere Waterloo, Iowa, plant turned out more than 30,000, twenty horsepower, "GP" tractors from 1928 until 1935. We could use a GP (general purpose) president -- and, right now, a GP candidate in the GOP.

A Rasmussen Reports Poll says Mitt Romney is viewed most favorably by all voters, while Rick Perry is the least liked. All voters will select our next president. Among only Republican voters, though, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich earn mostly positive reviews, while Perry and Ron Paul do not. By selecting candidates who appeal to the far right, but not to Independents, moderates, and a few Democrats, Republicans are destined to lose elections.

A good example is last week's Iowa Senate race in Linn County. Democrat Liz Mathis defeated Republican Cindy Golding in a very important special election.

Instead of selecting a GP candidate, the Republican hierarchy opted for Golding and blew their chance to minimize Senate Leader Mike Gronstal's dominance. To be fair, Mathis would have been tough to beat. She raised $690,036 in cash and in-kind contributions, while loser Golding raised a total of $250,325. And Repubs are the party of wealth?!

That is the most expensive legislative race in Iowa history and it only ran for a few weeks! Just wait until next year, though, if Retired Air Force Colonel Al Ringgenberg challenges Gronstal. That will be a costly, barn burner type campaign. A sad commentary -- despite the importance, only 16 percent of registered voters in that Linn County senate district exercised one of our most prized rights, to vote, last Tuesday.


There are similar problems in the current Republican presidential campaigns. Voters, be like an airline; when you realize your candidate has too much baggage, send him or her to the back of the line. If they cannot appeal to more than ultra conservatives, they cannot win the general election. Cain, Bachmann, Paul and Perry fit that description, for various reasons. I misjudged Perry, for he simply isn't ready for prime time.


For a few weeks Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's stock rose like a rocket, then allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. In the (unlikely) possibility he is able to overcome these threats he will join the ranks of so-called "Teflon" politicians, a highway to success paved by former president Bill Clinton.


In spite of the condition of our country being the worst it has been in decades, this presidential election cycle is the least interesting, least informative of any I can recall. If it wasn't for off the wall ideas, vague accusations, and silly misspeaks, it would be no fun at all. Of course the run-up to a presidential election isn't nearly as interesting, or as informative, when a sitting president has no opposition within his own party.


Not all delivery problems involve the Postal Service. Last week in Minnetonka, MN, a woman was arrested after she pulled a gun on a UPS delivery man because her package was late. This reminds me of an idea that would reduce delivery costs. I believe most of us are patient enough to wait a few extra days for package delivery. Especially in the country, or large cities, once a week, efficiently planned delivery routes by package carriers could save mega bucks. Impatient persons should pay extra for special delivery.


Here is another idea to create jobs in Iowa. Ban lottery sales to Iowan citizens. Iowa Lottery players bought more than $256 million in lottery tickets in the latest financial year, according to the official website. Dollars spent locally turn over several times, so, theoretically, if those dollars had been spent on local goods and services, a billion dollars would have been added to the economy, creating many jobs.


Wisconsin state law makes it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese. And, while all Wisconsin cheese making requires a license, it takes a master's degree cheese maker's license for Limburger. (And a plugged nose?)

In Iowa, a man with a moustache may never kiss a woman in public, and one-armed piano players must perform for free. Chapter 221of the Iowa Code restricts ministers, priests and rabbis, from purchasing and transporting sacramental wines by either intrastate or interstate common carriers without a permit. That was approved in 1919.

Kubik.org says that in Seattle it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon that is over six feet in length, and in Tennessee, it is illegal to shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile.


John Deere has manufactured more than 600 different farm tractor models since the AWD model in 1910. Wow.

Don Paulin, 2carpenterdon@gmail.com, 7557 30th Av, Norwalk, IA 50211 - 515-201-7236

By Don Paulin
Been There, Done That

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