Akron's DeRocher family 'stars' in Monsanto commercials

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Kevin DeRocher family, of Akron, is one of four farm families being feature in a series of newly released national Monsanto Company television commercials.

The family, along with three other families, can also be seen in a behind-the-scenes monthly series of online webisodes available at www.AmericasFarmers.com.

Mark Halton, corporate marketing, Monsanto, said the stories focus on the "passion and hard work" necessary to produce the nation's food.

"The series at the same time gives insight into what life is really like on the farm," Halton said. "Viewers will be able to learn through the presentations how the DeRocher family got into farming and the farming goals along with teamwork that it takes each day to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs."

The DeRochers, Kevin and Sandi, have been farming since 1984 with a 1,200-acre corn and soybean-based production program.

Their family -- four sons and a daughter -- have joined with them in the operation.

"We feel we're doing the best job we can do," DeRocher said. "We want at the same time to do what we can to preserve the land and the water for our next generation."

Noting that two of his oldest sons are already farming a small amount of land of their own, DeRocher said, he and Sandi hope someday to pass their farming operation onto their sons.