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Romney-Bachmann? Tiny-Fatty? Perry-Huntsman?

Monday, August 15, 2011

I like the Iowa State Fair, having attended more than 30 of them, plus some in California and Nebraska. We went on opening day this year. People watching is interesting, and the outlandish outfits worn by some are almost as interesting as the biggest boar. Seeing knee high compression socks, Harlem Globetrotterish shorts, floral shirt, on a huge short guy wearing a safari hat makes you want to ditch your turkey leg. Cowboy boots, short skirts or shorts, and tasteless tattoos on a six foot, 98 pound, wizened 50'ish woman? Almost commonplace!

The biggest boar at this year's fair is "Tiny," a 1,196 pounder who beat out "Fatty," by 22 pounds. The guy in the safari hat would have been a close third.


Heather said that if we were separated at the fair I could easily spot her, for she wore a cute little pink cap. For some reason she stopped to pick up more free stuff this year, so the cap wasn't necessary. If she lagged behind I just hollered, "Free stuff here!" and she immediately appeared.


The Republican "debate" last Thursday night was good, compared to most such events. The panel asked better questions and didn't let the candidates get by without answering, as often happens. Blunt statements by Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, in particular, totally turned off some viewers while appealing to others.


Predictably, emotion and single issue thoughts triumphed over realistic thinking at the Iowa Straw Poll Saturday. More dedicated zealots than pragmatists attend this kind of event, and I congratulate them for their zeal but wish they would plan ahead. Neither of the front runners (Bachmann and Paul) has the ability to attract enough Independent voters to defeat President Obama. I hope I am wrong, but results like these lessen Iowa's chance to continue as the "first" state.

Governor Perry did well as a write-in and he and Romney will probably slug it out. Both look and sound more presidential than most of the other candidates. The "sound" is a lot more important than looks to me, but given history, not to the American electorate. Huntsman might make a good running mate for Perry.


Did Governor Sarah Palin's ill fated run for the White House in 2008 help or hurt Congressman Michelle Bachmann's current efforts? (hurt) If either wasn't pretty, vivacious and occasionally make outlandish statements would they stand a chance? (no) Even if Ron Paul wasn't older (76 next week) than dirt would he have a chance? (no)

Pawlenty, Johnson, McCotter, and Cain should drop out immediately but I hope Gingrich, Huntsman and Paul stay in for a while, for they improve the dialogue. I don't know what to think about Santorum.


We have hummingbirds by the dozens, goldfinch by the score; We'll need a bank loan before Heather goes back to the bird-feed store!


Methods for getting a job have seen many changes over the years, going somewhat full circle. To find a job post WW2, for instance, you read the newspaper, went to major businesses, or as a last resort went to a private employment agency. Then the government got involved.

The state plans to close 36 Iowa Workforce Development field offices and if the Orange City office closes, the next closest office would be in Sioux City. That would require a whopping ten extra miles of travel for Le Mars job seekers. Unless, that is, they read the newspaper to see who is hiring, go to the personnel office of several major employers, or know someone smart enough to help them figure out how to operate a computer at the library. Don't know English? Their bad.

This change is being questioned by the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors. I didn't realize that helping businesses find employees, or workers finding employers, was included in their job description. My bad.

Denny Wolf disagrees. From the Daily Sentinel of August fifth, "I'm here this morning (Tuesday) to ask you to write a very strong letter to the governor asking him to reconsider the closing of these offices, specifically the one in Orange City," Wolf said, addressing the supervisors. "I think you guys need to stand up and say enough is enough."

So, after consulting their dog-eared copy of John F. Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage," the Supers said they would write to the Governor, and also contact area legislators, presumably telling them they support spending more money.

Rest assured, if business has an opening it will be filled, and without government assistance. Methinks Wolf is crying wolf -- in this instance the main concern of liberals is filing for unemployment insurance.

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By Don Paulin
Been There, Done That

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