Bachmann top choice in fair poll

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Minnesota congresswoman was the first choice for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination among Plymouth County fairgoers.

The Plymouth County GOP conducted an informal poll of visitors to the party's booth at the fair last week, according to county GOP co-chairman Don Kass.

Michele Bachmann received 22 percent of the vote from 380 people filling out the postcard-sized fair poll, Kass reported.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was the second place choice with 19 percent support.

Ron Paul rounded out the top three with 15 percent of fairgoers' votes.

Others who received votes and their percentage support were:

* Herman Cain-8 percent

* Rick Perry-7 percent

* Sarah Palin-7 percent

* Tim Pawlenty-7 percent

* Undecided-7 percent

* Rick Santorum-3 percent

* Newt Gingrich-3 percent

* Chris Christie-2 percent

* Rudy Giuliani-less than 1 percent (three votes)

* Donald Trump-less than 1 percent (two votes)

Nearly half of those who filled out the debt ceiling solution portion of the fair poll -- 45 percent -- did not want to raise the debt ceiling under any circumstances, the survey showed.

Other responses and the fairgoers support were:

* Cut spending only and raise the debt ceiling-30 percent

* Compromise -- raise taxes, cut spending and raise the debt ceiling-21 percent

* Undecided-4 percent

* Raise the debt ceiling now and worry about the debt/deficit later-0 percent (two votes)

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