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Those Chicago Cubs are Just Too Good

Monday, August 1, 2011

If you followed the Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida closely enough to have an opinion of her guilt you have way too much time on your hands.


Placing 35 of those six foot tall fiberglass ice cream cones around Le Mars seems patterned after a similar display in the "Windy City," which copied an 800 cow exhibit in Zurich, Switzerland. Nearly 300 cows were placed in Chicago's 1999 Summer Public Art Exhibition, called "Cows On Parade." A financial success combining private enterprise and government, artists transformed life-sized fiberglass cows into works of art. One of those cows still graces the entryway of the Chicago hotel where we stay, and many a hand has rubbed its various anatomy parts, wishing for a Cubs victory. It rarely works.

It also reminds me of my (thwarted) effort to have Plymouth County designated as the Pork Capital in the early 1970's when we were the number one producer in the state. My compatriots at the Chamber of Commerce didn't want to be associated with hogs, although they were more than happy to take the money spent by farmers. That changed, and business people now recognize the importance of farmers. I think the change occurred when they started golfing together.


The "Windy City" really isn't so windy -- the nickname may have been coined by a New York columnist who complained about Chi-town's bragging ways, or maybe it was because of long winded politicians. Blue Hill Observatory, Massachusetts is the windiest, with an annual average wind speed of 15.4 MPH, followed by Dodge City, Kansas. Rochester, Minnesota is fourth and Chicago is way down the list with a mere 12.2 MPH.


The debt default "crisis" is manufactured by the press, and the fire fanned by talk shows. President Obama's continual reference to Washington's "dysfunction" doesn't help, nor do Congressional leaders crying wolf on TV every hour. I'll believe it is a crisis if it happens.

The GOP seems to be losing the debt ceiling debate. While several national polls show voters leaning toward raising taxes as one part of solving the "crisis," three-quarters of Americans constitutional amendment to balance the budget. Go figure.


"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure." Which United States Senator said that? (answer below)


It is hard to believe, but after all these years the Chicago Cubs finally have it figured out. For several years they have just been too darn good. OK, I agree that Cubs-good in the same sentence is an oxymoron, but they haven't been bad enough.Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Senators, Cleveland Indians have been worse and have gotten the best draft picks. For you non fans, the worst team gets to draft first, thus supposedly getting the best amateur player in the world.

After watching the Cubs for the second time this year, I know they have it in them to finish last.


Florida and Missouri have passed measures that require some form of drug testing during the welfare application process, with Florida now requiring all adult applicants to be tested. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of likely voters shows that 53% believe all welfare applicants should be tested for illegal drug use before receiving benefits and 70% believe welfare recipients who are found to be using illegal drugs should have their benefits cut off. A cynic would say that could lead to a huge crime wave. Sixty one percent of Republicans and 43% of Democrats support automatic drug testing for applicants. Go figure - again.

Donald Kaul (Glada Koerselman once mistook lookalike "Cowboy" Bob Nairn for him) was once a very popular columnist for The Des Moines Register. He is back in some Iowa newspapers, not quite as funny as he once was (very), and doubly sour. He even criticizes President Obama, as "....carrying moderation too far."


The quotation above is from then a Senator, Barak Obama. On 3-16-2006 he said it in a speech on the floor, and he voted against raising the limit, as did Senator Tom Harkin.


In a previous column I mentioned a number of "love connections" between Cerro Gordo County and Plymouth County. Wouldn't you know I would forget the most important one?! Heather was brought up on a Cerro Gordo County farm.


Sunday, August 14th at, or after, two PM Union Consolidated school attendees are having a little get-together at the Family Table in Le Mars. You don't have to be a graduate, heck if you ever drove by the place, drop in and visit a spell.

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By Don Paulin
Been There, Done That

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