How many times do we move that snowflake?

Friday, January 8, 2010

We surrender.

Winter, you win.

We have put up a valiant effort, but your constant barrage of snow, wind and sub-zero cold have done us all in.

We have put up the white flag of surrender, but we doubt you can see it, due to the height of the snow piles and the reduced visibility.

That Christmas attack was brilliantly planned and executed. Who would object to a little snow at Christmas? No would notice if it just kept on snowing and snowing. Well played, Old Man Winter, well played.

The freezing rain before the snow was a wonderful opening play. The blowing snow and high drifts made for great fun for the children during Christmas vacation.

But vacation is over, and quite frankly, we have had enough.

After the last storm, the total snowfall for the season sits at 37.4 inches in Le Mars, above the annual average snowfall of 31.1 inches. This is with nearly three months to go in the snow season.

We realize that even this impressive total pales in comparison to the winters of 1931, when we received 81.5 inches of snow and the granddaddy of them all -- 1928, when we received 102.1 inches of the white stuff.

Old Man Winter, we realize that we have become soft. Back in those record breaking winters, much of the snow removal was done by hand with shovels. Today, we have the benefit of snowplows, snowblowers, front end loaders and all manner of gasoline powered devices to remove whatever you can throw at us.

But the power of the tiny snowflake, when joined by a few billion others is strong. Add in some of that strong wind from Canada that never seems to make it here in the summertime, when we could really use it, and we are temporarily powerless.

But, like Sisyphus, the character in Greek mythology sentenced to roll a boulder up to the peak of a mountain, only to have it roll back down again, we set about moving those snowflakes. During winters like this, we stop and wonder how many times we have moved the same snowflake/

So, now that we have acknowledged your power and officially surrendered, what do you say? How about some sunshine and 30? We would even settle for 20.

Heck, anything above zero would be good....