Floyd Valley's oncology numbers triple

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Lyle Stinton, is one of a growing number of people who use the oncology services at the Floyd Valley Hospital. They reported this month that numbers have tripled compared to recent years. Here Stinton, who used to get his oncology treatments over his lunch hour as a teacher, then return back to work, visits with oncology staff Lara Groetken and Liz Kurth.

Floyd Valley saw a drastic increase in the number of patients receiving chemotherapy treatments through the hospital's Oncology Department in 2007.

Approximately 150 chemotherapy patients were treated per month last year, an amount triple to what they've seen in past years.

Liz Kurth, R.N. O.C.N., at Floyd Valley Hospital coordinates the exams with Sioux City oncologist, Dr. Gerald Hagin. She believes that the recent increase in cancer patients is due to more people realizing that they have the option to be treated for chemotherapy right here in Le Mars instead of having to travel great distances.

"We'll accommodate to people's schedules," she said.

Kurth noted that, "more and more people are getting the message" and choosing to receive their treatments locally in a smaller atmosphere.

The rise in oncology patient numbers has been good for Floyd Valley and Kurth hopes that there'll be a greater increase in treatments in the upcoming year.

Floyd Valley has a laboratory and radiology department in the hospital where the oncologist, Dr. Hagin, comes monthly to meet with patients, which gives them the convenience of not having to drive to another town to receive treatments.

Floyd Valley's Oncology Department also provides monthly oncology clinics, cancer support groups, blood transfusions, chemotherapy and other medication that increases the production of red and white blood cells including G-CSF and Procrit. Patients of the Oncology Department are able to receive daily, weekly or monthly treatments.

Most receiving chemotherapy through the hospital's Oncology Department are from the Plymouth County area. Though the hospital also takes referrals from June E. Nylen Cancer Center in Sioux City, hospitals in Omaha and Sioux Falls, and even the Mayo Clinic in Minn.

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