Paul Rust fulfills his dream

Wednesday, August 4, 2004
Paul Rust plays David in a movie which Rust wrote, directed, produced and edited. (Sentinel photo by Jeff Fett)

In the movie "David Mows Yards", Paul Rust portrays a character on screen in which he fulfills other people's dreams. In real life, Rust is fulfilling his dream of making films, the latest of which will be on display Saturday, Aug. 7 at the Le Mars Community Theatre.

Rust, a 23-year-old class of 2000 graduate of Gehlen Catholic High School in Le Mars, said the "melancholy comedy" is about a young man trying to earn money for college.

"It's called 'David Mows Yards' and I play a character named David," Rust said. "The year before his freshman year in college, he needs to make some money. So he decides to start his own lawn mowing service. He gets clients, but instead of mowing their yard, it's people who have life-long unfulfilled dreams that they want me to help with."

Rust wrote, directed, produced, edited and acted in the movie. He wrote the movie in May of last year and then filmed it in July and August 2003. Rust then edited the film from September to April of this year.

The cast of "David Mows Yards" mainly involves people from the Le Mars area. Among them are Frances Krull, Bonnie Dull, Lynda Bulthuis, Jeanne Rust, Karen Schroeder, Ann Withrow, Mary Herbst and Dan and Joyce Ruden.

To make a movie, it takes commitment and money.

Rust reached into his own pocket to make the film.

"All the money that I put into it was just my own that I had saved," Rust said. "I held a benefit last summer around August where my band played a show along with a couple of other bands. That was a way I got some money back for that. It's mostly out of my own pocket."

Rust recently graduated in May from the University of Iowa with a major in cinema and minors in communications and theatre.

"David Mows Yards" is the second movie Rust has made in his young career; his first was a comedy.

"I made one the summer before this, it was called 'America's Funniest American,'" Rust said. "It was good. I liked it. It was about a guy who returned from Desert Storm and gets a lot of attention from the town and his brother is jealous. So he (his brother) decides to get his own fame by putting a video in 'America's Funniest Home Videos.'"

"David Mows Yards" will play at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7 at the Le Mars Community Theatre. Admission to the movie is free and there will be a free will donation. Also at the movie will be DVD copies of Rust's production.

Rust said there is no rating for the movie, but it does have some developed scenes in it.

"This movie doesn't have a rating, but if it did, it would probably be in the PG-13 region," Rust said. "There's just a couple naughty words and some more mature themes."

Rust hopes that this production is one of the firsts in a long line of movies.

In the future, Rust hopes he can continue to work in the movie business.

"The thing you're always told is that with people who are making movies, now, professionally, there really is no set path. It's kind of like who you know and then the right place at the right time type of stuff. I'm going out to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks and the plan is that I'll just start working on stuff and hopefully things will match up right," Rust said. "I'm not expecting to be the hottest thing in town. I would just like to have a thing where I can write and do work and stuff like that."

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