Celebrate with your community

Friday, June 28, 2002

Many people talk about their pride in Le Mars. They talk about a feeling of community and of security.

A time to celebrate those feelings by focusing on Le Mars' place in America -- and have some fun -- is by volunteering even an hour to make Ice Cream Days a success.

This coming week is when all the community is needed to host their neighbors and Le Mars' visitors by helping with concessions, children's activities, or the street dance on Friday night. Activities start Thursday, July 4 with the parade and continue through Friday evening.

It's a great way to see people you don't get to see often, to meet others from away, and feel like helping your community. If you will have guests staying at your house, sign them up too. Working together, helping a larger, positive purpose gives a feeling of being part of a community. And one or two hours out of 48 for the two-day celebration is not such a big imposition on any one individual or family.

Your mother was right: Many hands make light work.

Taking a turn is an important lesson in life -- and it's not just for kids. It's how we teach our own kids and how we serve as role models to the young people of the community. When we choose to "forget," or not make that phone call to volunteer, or just say "no," we are serving as role models too. Only these roles being modeled are the kind that allow the few leaders to burn out and local events to fizzle like a dud sparkler.

Volunteering when needed is an important part of that "unity" in "community" that helps define what a community really is -- and why a city should truly be proud of itself.

For many months a small group of volunteers has taken on the long haul of planning activities for these events. They've made the phone calls, figured the budgets, ordered supplies, used the MagicŪ markers, found ways around the obstacles. Now it's time for the troops to move in. An infantry is needed and we don't have the draft.

Just like the flock of geese, when the leader becomes tired, another moves forward, and another, and another as needed. We need people to answer the call for an hour or two.

It's time to step forward. This is already the last minute.

Call the Chamber of Commerce office at 546-8821 to sign up for a time to volunteer to help your community for Ice Cream Days.