Fair is bargain entertainment

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

While those of us staffing a booth at the Plymouth County Fair can't always get away to enjoy every attraction on the grounds, our staff does get the opportunity to see many of the activities.

We can tell you that they are a bargain. When other people come here on their own, they are amazed that grandstand shows are not for additional gate costs. The $20 for four adults in a vehicle for four days is amazingly inexpensive for the number of activities available. Tickets for even one show are usually far more per person elsewhere than the entire four-day pass to the Plymouth County Fair. That price has stayed steady since 1993. Few enterprises can say the same of their prices over time, especially when the product is growing and people can get more for their money.

That same low price is accomplished mostly through the generosity of fair board members who work year-round to make the fair grow. Many individuals and companies from the area contribute cash, product and time to make the fair a positive experience for tens of thousands of visitors and residents. Somehow, they are expected to find acts that fit every taste -- and all, without separate tickets per act.

It's unfortunate that we overheard in a workplace, people saying the fair is too expensive. It might be they would want to rephrase that to: "I, personally, don't want to spend my money that way." But to be grousing in the workplace -- on paid time -- about how expensive the fair is, only shows people who don't really know a bargain.

It may be that some people don't enjoy all the activities. That is their loss.