Rescue of POW is a stunning success

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

A West Virginia soldier has provided inspiration.

As coalition forces bear down on Saddam Hussein's stronghold in Baghdad, the fighting is escalating to its most intensive phase. Casualties on both sides are likely to increase.

There already have been casualties in the war in Iraq, as would be expected of any conflict between armed military forces.

In addition to those killed in action, there have been reports of prisoners of war and of those missing in action.

Perhaps one of the most uplifting stories so far told of the rescue Tuesday of one prisoner of war, Pfc. Jessica Lynch, 19, of West Virginia who has been captured nine days earlier along with several other American soldiers.

The story of the rescue was tempered by reports that Private Lynch's rescuers also found several bodies, possibly those of other American soldiers who had been captured.

The rescue from an Iraqi hospital involved special operations teams from several military branches relying on information gleaned from Iraqi civilians and captures Iraqi soldiers. It is becoming more and more clear that coalition forces are benefiting from information being provided by Iraqis eager to put an end both to the fighting and to Saddam's regime.