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Don't live with limitations (09/21/15)
Each of us grows up being taught to obey rules, to live within the boundaries set by our parents and other authority figures. The difference between right and wrong, positive and negative, are so ingrained into our minds as children, many people never move from within those boundaries...
We must work together (09/21/15)
In every life there is a need to look inward, to reflect upon the person we have become. We may look and see we are the people we wish to be, but more than likely we will find a few things that can be changed. These reflections should not focus on physical changes or enhancement of money, power or stature, but they should be seen as a chance to become a better person for ourselves and the world we live in...
Make a difference locally (09/21/15)
When you live in an area of the country that doesn't receive a lot of attention from the outside world, it's easy to feel disconnected from it. It's easy to become disinterested in national government or issues affecting people you will never meet because those things are not staring you in the face everyday when you leave your house...
A long race (09/02/15)
We live in a political country. Our elections often feel as if we are watching a football game instead of choosing a leader. We cheer on our team and bash opponents with disparaging remarks, often in good fun, but from time to time those disagreements get serious quickly...
Remember the fight (08/27/15)
With fall around the corner, this may seem like a time for parents to celebrate empty houses during the day with TVs free of video games. However there are also some serious issues that must remain in the forefront of our minds as we send our children to school...
The conversation we asked for (08/21/15)
Last week, two presidential debates were cast into the spotlight of national media coverage, but perhaps not for the wrong reasons. Picking the next President in a country so powerful and influential that almost every other country in the world has an interest in our political process is a very important decision...
Make them earn it (08/21/15)
Working for a newspaper in an area of the country that garners a lot of attention from politicians during election years, gives us an opportunity to speak with candidates who visit the county. We often hear people say it would be interesting to speak face to face with candidates and how that might provide some insight into each presidential hopeful's real beliefs on different issues...
Beyond party lines (08/05/15)
As the 2016 Presidential elections loom in the distance and more candidates enter the race every week, we find ourselves being pulled apart and divided as a nation. Every issue seems to spark debate, as the public takes sides with the Republican or Democratic parties...
A reason to stop (07/29/15)
Finding a stop sign in Le Mars can be a difficult task. That's not by chance, it's by design. The Le Mars City Council seems to pride itself on being against stop signs in the city, and it has become somewhat of an inside joke for locals. At a recent city council meeting, the council voted to add two stop signs at an intersection near Gehlen Catholic School...

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