A celebration 150 years in the making

Friday, June 14, 2019
By Kim Fickett and Allen Hamil

Ice Cream Days and the Sesquicentennial Celebration is in full gear. Thursday and Friday were full of activities from the Primebank Ice Cream Social featuring the Noteables, to the beard and mustache judging contest, to the mural unveiling, to the 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the YMCA, to the smile contest, just to name a few. Primebank served up a record-breaking year with 2,225 bowls of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream. The social scooped up 175 gallons of the frozen treat, and went through 16 4-pound cans of carmel, 15 22-ounce bottles of strawberry topping, 8 gallons of chocolate, 39 gallons of lemonade, and 120 dozen cookies. Brad Pick said the socialís turnout topped the previous record of 150 gallons served and 1,800 bowls of ice cream, which coincidentally was the last time the Noteables played.