RSM second graders learn about pigs

Thursday, January 17, 2019
(Photos contributed)

Second graders in Mrs. Wimmerís class at Remsen St. Maryís Elementary had fun learning about pigs. They couldnít believe that chalk, crayons, and certain medicines come from pigs. Mrs. Collins from Siouxland Agriculture in the Classroom read a book to the students, then discussed the different products that are made from pigs. Then she had the students do a Hog Barn Stem Challenge. This was a fun activity for the students. They designed and built a pig barn using only ten spaghetti noodles and seven marshmallows. They all had a great time doing this and we look forward to our next visit from Mrs. Collins. We are very lucky for the opportunity to have Siouxland Agriculture in our classroom once a month at Remsen St. Maryís.