RSM takes an Advent Service Trip

Thursday, January 3, 2019
(Photos by RSM Journalism)

By Ashley Willman, RSM Journalism While others schools may play games and have parties before christmas break, RSM students enjoy the tradition of serving others each year instead with an annual Advent Service Trip . Students and teachers first carolled at St. Luke’s and Mercy Hospital. Then they split up and visited the Women’s Shelter, Men’s Shelter, Warming Shelter, Opportunities Unlimited, and the Ronald McDonald house. At the Women’s Shelter they made a meal with food provided by the students, and gifts were brought to the women and children. Olivia Schroeder said, “I loved seeing the reactions of people after we gave them food. They were so happy and thankful for what we were doing which really made me feel good.” At the Men’s Shelter and Warming Shelter RSM served everyone a meal provided by the students. Seth Nelson, who went to the Men’s Shelter said, “the best thing was how nice everyone on the trip was to us.” Opportunities Unlimited allowed students and teachers to make cookies with the residents and visit with them. Lexi Harpenau said, “it is important because students experience the joy they bring to the people we visit. It makes us realize that we need to give during this time too.” The Ronald McDonald house was visited by a few students, but it was a real eye-opener for them. They made some meals and puppy chow to be given to guests at the hospital. Brooklyn Frederes, one of the leaders of the group said, “I enjoyed spending time with the underclassmen and getting to have some fun with them. My time is running out at RSM so being able to bond with the underclassmen was awesome.” The RSM students were happy to bring a little more joy to Sioux City through service and caring.They ended their night with fellowship and supper at Sammy G’s Brick House The entire trip was planned by CLT students. Miranda Loutsch, one of those students said, “I signed up for the trip because it has always been important to me. We sometimes take for granted all the things we have. This trip really opens our eyes and makes us thankful for what we have.”