“Trains Across Iowa” presentation takes audience on a historical ride

Thursday, November 30, 2017
(Photos by Megan Sabin)

Around 20 people learned about the train history that Iowa was a big part of as Rudy Daniels gave an insightful presentation called “Trains Across Iowa” at the Remsen Public Library on Thursday evening, November 16. Rudy, dressed up in his antique conductor’s uniform, recited some of the interesting facts and history he found about Iowa’s part in the development of trains across the United States. Audience members also shared their stories they remembered growing up with the train station that was located in Remsen “back in the day”. Rudy started the program calling audience members “all aboard” for a wonderful ride through history. The audience also did a little singing as Rudy invited everyone to get in the spirit by singing, “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”.