RSM stands for the Unborn at Planned Parenthood

Thursday, October 27, 2016

By: Brooklyn Frederes, Sydney Lewis, and Kaitlyn VanDenTop, RSM Journalism On October 12, sixty-two Remsen St. Mary's High School students went to Planned Parenthood in Sioux City to pray for the unborn and the end of abortion. The students were willing to get up and be on the bus for a 5:45 a.m. departure. Being Pro-Life is very vital to the students and staff at Remsen St. Mary's, "It is important to be Pro-Life because we need to defend the babies that cannot defend themselves," said Ashley Willman. The students attended Mass at Our Lady of Incarnation Monastery with the Carmelite nuns. They all celebrate Mass together, but the Carmelites were seated in front of the students behind a wooden screen. "I liked how Father Cosgrove explained to us how the Carmelites live and why they are separated from us during Mass," said Emma Galles. Another difference throughout the Mass was that Father Cosgrove faced the Carmelites and his back was faced toward the students. After Mass was over, the students went to the meeting room and asked the Carmelites questions and gave them special intentions to pray for. Then the students went to Planned Parenthood and stood outside the wall to pray. They were praying, singing, and peacefully protesting for the end of abortion. The forecast was rainy and cold, but as the students started praying the sun started to shine. "I've never been a part of standing up for Pro-Life, so it was cool to see all of us students caring so much about the unborn," said Erika Strassner. The students made signs and they stood by the curbs to get people to fight for the end of abortion. Some people that drove by honked at them and some did not like what they were doing. While the students prayed at Planned Parenthood, a few groups went on a tour of Mary's Choice, a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization, that is operating on donations from the community. Mary's Choice provides compassion, support, and accurate information about parenting, pregnancy, adoption, and abortion. The families that walk into Mary's Choice are welcomed and feel like they are at home. There are toys for children to play with while waiting for their family. People walking down the hall in Mary's Choice will eventually walk into a room full of donated clothes, shoes, baby food, diapers, etc. Every volunteer makes the women feel as if they are part of some big family. "We need to inform other people that there are options other than abortion," said Rebecca Johnson. Mary's Choice is a great alternative instead of Planned Parenthood, and is located right next door. The day at Planned Parenthood was a great experience for the students at Remsen St. Mary's High School. The students learned how important it is to stand up for what is right even though some people in the community near Planned Parenthood didn't agree. Standing in the cold was worth it, and most of these RSM students come back to stand outside and pray for the unborn every year that they can. "We can help prevent the loss of many lives and remember the 60 million babies that have perished [since Roe vs. Wade]," said Shay Galles. Attending Mass with the Carmelite Nuns was a great way to start the day for the students; and all of them enjoyed visiting Mary's Choice and speaking with some of the volunteers. Everyone that attended had an amazing day as they prayed for the unborn.