'Rust or Bust' : A cousins' reunion for Bob Rust

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Daily Sentnel photos by Joanne Glamm, editor

Nancy Beltz, of Fairfax, Minn., surprised her cousin, Bob Rust, of Le Mars, outside Rust's Western Shed in downtown Le Mars Friday, Nov 16, 2012. Nancy and her husband, Richard, joined "schoolmates/friends for life" on Larry and Maggie Mages' RV to attend the University of Minnesota versus University of Nebraska game in LIncoln. Nebraska. "We decided since were were going to go to the game in Nebraska game Saturday that we would stop and surprise him on our way through," Nancy said. She called Bob's wife, Jeannie, Friday morning and the "Rust or Bust," stop was arranged. Joining Nancy and her husband were Gopher fans Kevin and Sue Sallstrom, from Winthrop, Minn., and the Mages from Lafayete, Minn. The last time Nancy had seen her cousin, Bob, was in January 2011 when she bought a pair of John Deere boots for her granddaughter. "Usually it's quite a few years in between visits," Nancy said. A stop at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor just up the street was also planned, Nancy said. A newspaper reporter for the Fairfax Standard, in Fairfax, Minn., photographed the start of "Rust or Bust," Friday morning. The earlier in the afternoon Friday, friends Bob hadn't seen for a while stopped to visit as he explained to the RV "Rust or Bust" group outside his business.