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Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015

Photo galleries

LCHS volleyball versus Western Christian (09/30/15)
Hinton volleyball at Unity Christian (09/30/15)
LCHS volleyball at Unity Christian Tournament (09/26/15)
Hinton Homecoming versus Sibley-Ocheyedan (09/26/15)
LCHS football versus Denison-Schleswig (09/26/15)
RSM Vs. Trinity Christian (09/24/15)
R-U Volleyball versus H-LP (09/23/15)
K-P Volleyball versus River Valley (09/23/15)
Gehlen, Hinton, A-W volleyball at Gehlen (09/23/15)
LCHS vs Storm Lake volleyball (09/23/15)
A-W vs Gehlen Football (09/21/15)
LCHS Homecoming vs Sioux Center (09/21/15)
Gehlen, RSM at CYO tournament (09/21/15)
Le Mars Community Schools Homecoming 2015 (09/20/15)
A-W, RSM at West Sioux (09/19/15)
RSM Vs. R-U- Brat Bowl (09/18/15)
K-P vs. Newell-Fonda (09/18/15)
LCHS Invite (09/16/15)
Gehlen volleyball at Unity Christian triangular (09/16/15)
R-U Volleyball Triangular (09/16/15)
Le Mars Sprint Triathlon (09/13/15)
Gehlen vs South O'Brien Football (09/11/15)
K-P vs R-U Volleyball (09/11/15)
RSM vs A-W Volleyball (09/11/15)
LCHS Volleyball vs Sioux City East (09/11/15)
R-U at Gehlen volleyball (09/09/15)
LCHS, Gehlen, K-P/WC cross country (09/09/15)
Hinton vs South O'Brien Volleyball (09/09/15)
RSM vs K-P Football (09/08/15)
Gehlen, Hinton at Sheldon tournament (09/07/15)
Western Christian at Le Mars football (09/04/15)
Gehlen football at Hinton (09/04/15)
Gehlen vs RSM Volleyball (09/02/15)
R-U vs A-W Volleyball (09/02/15)
Hinton vs HMS volleyball (09/02/15)
LCHS volleyball at MOC tournament (09/02/15)
LCHS at Spencer cross country (08/31/15)
A-W vs Hinton Football (08/30/15)
Gehlen vs. Sibley Ocheyedan (08/28/15)
K-P versus R-U football (08/23/15)
RSM vs. River Valley football (08/21/15)
Blaise Coffee takes second at nationals (08/03/15)
Tractor and Mini-Rod Pull (08/03/15)
Friday at the Plymouth County Fair (08/03/15)
Impact Pro Wrestling (08/03/15)
Bull riding at the Plymouth County Fair (08/03/15)
Antique Tractor Parade - Plymouth County Fair 2015 (08/03/15)
Figure 8 Racing (08/03/15)
Saturday at the Plymouth County Fair (08/03/15)
4-H/FFA Poultry Show (08/03/15)
Solveigh Skarhus, Matt Gabel fight at WinnaVegas (08/02/15)
Plymouth County Fair Demo Derby - 2015 (08/02/15)
Farm Olympics at Plymouth County Fair (07/31/15)
Tuff Trucks (07/31/15)
Plymouth County Fair snapshots (07/30/15)
Fun at the Plymouth County Fair (07/30/15)
Hinton State Baseball versus Columbus Catholic (07/28/15)
Calvin Church Vacation Bible School (07/23/15)
RSM vs West Sioux Substate Final (07/22/15)
Hinton vs Okoboji (substate baseball final) (07/22/15)
LCHS vs Bishop Heelan - Districts (07/19/15)
Hinton vs Sioux Center (baseball district championship) (07/18/15)
A-W vs West Sioux (baseball district championship) (07/18/15)
A-W vs Gehlen (District Semifinals) (07/17/15)
RSM baseball vs Woodbury Central (district semis) (07/17/15)
RSM vs River Valley Districts (07/15/15)
K-P vs Woodbury Central Districts (07/15/15)
Gehlen vs. Trinity Christian (baseball districts) (07/15/15)
A-W vs. South O'Brien (baseball districts) (07/15/15)
"Mame" musical at Le Mars Community Theatre (07/15/15)
LCHS vs Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley (07/14/15)
A-W regional softball finals vs. River Valley (07/13/15)
MMC/R-U vs. Cherokee (baseball districts) (07/12/15)
A-W vs Trinity Christian regional semifinal (07/10/15)
Lady Bulldogs vs. Heelan (Class 4A regionals) (07/10/15)
RSM vs Unity Christian (07/09/15)
Bulldogs vs Sergeant Bluff-Luton (07/08/15)
RSM Softball vs Trinity Districts (07/08/15)
A-W vs Lady Jays (second round of regionals) (07/08/15)
LCHS Softball and Baseball 6/03 (07/07/15)
Lady Jays vs. West Sioux softball (1st round of regionals) (07/07/15)
Fourth of July in Le Mars (07/06/15)
HInton girls softball at West Sioux (07/02/15)
RSM vs Woodbur Central (07/02/15)
Gehlen vs. A-W (07/02/15)
LCHS Baseball vs Cherokee (07/02/15)
MMC/R-U vs. Sioux Central (07/01/15)
LCHS vs Western Christian (06/30/15)
MMC/R-U at Hinton (06/30/15)
A-W vs. H-LP baseball and softball (06/30/15)
Gehlen vs St. Mary's Championship (06/28/15)
A-W, Hinton at Hinton baseball tourney (06/27/15)
Le Mars Baseball vs Sioux City, North (06/26/15)
RSM vs. Unity Christian (06/26/15)
Hinton vs George-Little Rock/Central Lyon (06/26/15)
Remsen St. Mary's vs Unity Christian (06/25/15)
LCHS vs. Spirit Lake (06/24/15)
Hinton vs Gehlen Catholic (06/24/15)
A-W vs Gehlen Catholic Softball (06/23/15)
K-P vs. Lawton-Bronson (06/23/15)
Hy-Vee One Step garden (06/23/15)
Gehlen at RSM (06/23/15)
Le Mars Baseball vs E-Hawks (06/23/15)
Lady 'Dogs vs Emmetsburg (06/23/15)
Gehlen at J-Club tournament (06/22/15)
Geheln, RSM softball @ Spalding Tournament (06/22/15)
Hinton @ RSM softball and baseball (06/22/15)
Le Mars baseball and softball vs MOC-Floyd Valley (06/22/15)
Gehlen @ West Sioux baseball and softball (06/22/15)
ICD Rib Rally/Fashion Show (06/22/15)
Wings RC Fun Fly - Ice Cream Days 2015 (06/21/15)
Ice Cream Days Parade (06/21/15)
Le Mars YMCA 3 on 3 Tournament (06/21/15)
Summer Slam (06/21/15)
Fishing Derby (06/21/15)
Summer Cross (06/21/15)
Kids Fun Fest! (06/21/15)
Art in the Park (06/21/15)
2015 Primebank Ice Cream Social (06/18/15)
2015 Tri-State Cruisers (06/18/15)
LCHS baseball and softball vs ELC (06/16/15)
Gehlen baseball and softball vs MMC/RU (06/16/15)
LCHS vs Fort Dodge baseball (06/13/15)
LCHS, Gehlen and A-W at Le Mars Classic (06/12/15)
LCHS vs Spencer baseball and softball (06/10/15)
Gehlen vs H-LP baseball (06/08/15)
Gehlen vs Hinton baseball (06/05/15)
Hinton vs Gehlen softball (06/05/15)
Le Mars vs Storm Lake baseball and softball (06/03/15)
West Sioux vs Gehlen baseball and softball (06/03/15)
RSM at Gehlen baseball and softball (06/03/15)
Color Me Sweet Walk/Run (06/01/15)
RSM baseball triangular (05/30/15)
Gehlen, RSM at KP softball tournament (05/30/15)
LCS softball at Heelan tournament (05/29/15)
LCS baseball at Heelan (05/29/15)
RSM vs. A-W baseball and softball (05/29/15)
LCS baseball and softball vs Sheldon (05/29/15)
LCS baseball and softball vs Sioux City East (05/29/15)
RSM vs. West Sioux baseball and softball (05/27/15)
Hinton girls golf at regionals (05/26/15)
Memorial Day Flags closeup (05/26/15)
LCHS baseball and softball vs. Sioux City East (05/25/15)
Le Mars girls at districts vs Spirit Lake-Okoboji (05/23/15)
LCS girls tennis hosts districts (05/21/15)
Puppy Relays at LCS (05/19/15)
Gehlen, AW, RSM, RU golf (girls) (05/18/15)
LCS girls tennis regionals (05/18/15)
Gehlen Catholic High School 2015 Graduation (05/17/15)
Le Mars Community High School graduation (05/17/15)
Gehlen, RSM, KP boys sectionals golf (05/15/15)
LCS boys district tennis (05/15/15)
LCS track at districts (05/15/15)
Lady 'Dogs tennis vs Spencer (05/12/15)
Gehlen, Hinton, A-W track at MMC (05/12/15)
LCHS girls tennis vs. Storm Lake (05/12/15)
LCHS girls golf at Lakes Conference meet (05/11/15)
LCHS, Gehlen, KP at Le Mars Invite (boys) (05/09/15)
Gehlen golf vs. Akron-Westfield (05/07/15)
War Eagle conference track meet (05/05/15)
Hinton, RSM golf at Gehlen (05/04/15)
LCHS girls tennis vs. Spirit Lake/Okoboji (05/04/15)
Gehlen Then Feed Just One (05/04/15)
Prom 2015 Le Mars Community High School (05/03/15)
Le Mars Community High School prom May 2, 2015
Le Mars hosts Lakes Conference tournament (boys) (05/02/15)
RSM track at MMC (05/01/15)
K-P girls golf (04/30/15)
LCHS boys tennis at Cherokee (04/29/15)
A-W at R-U golf (04/29/15)
"Anything Goes" at Gehlen Catholic High School (04/28/15)
LCHS girls tennis vs E-LC (04/27/15)
LCHS, Hinton girls at Le Mars Invite (04/27/15)
LCHS, Gehlen at Le Mars Invite (girls) (04/25/15)
Gehlen, RSM, R-U, A-W at Hinton (boys track) (04/23/15)
Experience Health Day at Floyd Valley Hospital (04/23/15)
Experience Health Day at Floyd Valley Hospital (04/23/15)
LCHS, Gehlen, Hinton @ Knight Relays (boys) (04/22/15)
LCHS boys tennis vs. Spencer (04/22/15)
LCHS vs. Western Christian (boys golf) (04/22/15)
RSM, R-U golf (04/22/15)
LCS tennis vs Storm Lake (boys) (04/22/15)
RU, RSM, KP/WC, AW, Gehlen at Hinton (girls track) (04/17/15)
Tennis vs. Spirit Lake (04/16/15)
Spring play dress rehearsal - Le Mars Community High School (04/15/15)
K-P, R-U at Hinton golf (04/14/15)
LCHS girls golf vs Storm Lake, ELC (04/14/15)
Don Shilling Invite (LCHS boys and girls) (04/14/15)
Lady 'Dogs tennis at Cherokee (04/14/15)
Gehlen girls/boys golf at R-U (04/14/15)
Gehlen Catholic Prom April 11, 2015 (04/13/15)
Gehlen Catholic Prom 2015 (04/13/15)
LCHS boys golf vs. Cherokee, Lawton-Bronson (04/10/15)
RSM, RU, KP/WC, AW at MMC Relays (04/07/15)
RSM golf vs. Unity Christian (04/07/15)
LCS tennis vs. Sioux Cit East (04/06/15)
Le Mars Area Community Annual Easter Egg Hunt (04/06/15)
Akron-Westfield at Wolverine Invitational (04/01/15)
Dan Lennon Day 2 (03/24/15)
Le Mars Community Middle School Carnival (03/23/15)
War Eagle indoor track meet (03/23/15)
Boys and girls all-star games (03/23/15)
Clark Elementary "State Fair" (03/18/15)
LCS in semifinals at 3A State Tournament (03/16/15)
LCS in 3A Basketball Championship (03/16/15)
LCS boys vs. Spirit Lake (substate championship) (03/03/15)
LCS vs SB-L (district championship) (02/26/15)
RSM vs. Woodbury Central (district semis) (02/25/15)
Gehlen vs. Woodbury Central (district semis) (02/25/15)
LCS boys hoops vs. Storm Lake (district 1st round) (02/24/15)
LCS girls vs. Heelan (regional hoops semifinals) (02/23/15)
KP girls vs. Westwood hoops (Regional semifinals) (02/23/15)
Floyd Valley Hospital north addition construction (02/23/15)
Plymouth Manor Valentine Royalty (02/20/15)
Gehlen vs. Westwood boys' basketball (02/20/15)
LCS girls vs. Storm Lake basketball (02/18/15)
Hinton girls hoops vs. Logan-Magnolia (02/18/15)
K-P boys hoops vs. River Valley (02/16/15)
RU boys hoops vs. Westwood (02/16/15)
LCS hoops vs. Sioux City West (02/14/15)
LCS wrestling districts (02/14/15)
Gehlen boys' hoops vs. South O'Brien (02/13/15)
Lady Jays hoops vs. Siouxland Christian (02/12/15)
Gehlen vs West Sioux boys hoops (02/11/15)
RSM vs. RU girls hoops (02/11/15)
Spirit Lake vs. LCS hoops (02/11/15)
Wrestling sectionals: A-W, Hinton, K-P (02/07/15)
Gehlen hoops vs. HMS (02/07/15)
RSM vs. HMS (02/05/15)
LCS wrestling at SC North (02/05/15)
Clark Elementary Wax Museum (02/05/15)
Le Mars Chamber Employees of Month/Boss of Quarter (02/04/15)
LCS wrestling hosts Lakes Conference meet (01/30/15)
K-P boys basketball vs. Westwood (01/29/15)
R-U vs. MMC basketball (01/28/15)
RSM at Kingsley-Pierson basketball (01/26/15)
LCS wrestling at Bishop Heelan duals (01/25/15)
LCS at Western Christian (01/23/15)
R-U vs. Kingsley-Pierson (01/23/15)
Gehlen at Hinton (01/21/15)
LCS wrestling Invitational (LCS, Hinton) (01/17/15)
Gehlen vs. Trinity Christian basketball (01/16/15)
Lady Rockets vs. H-LP (01/16/15)
LCS girls basketball vs. MOC-Floyd Valley (01/16/15)
A balloon spotting (01/16/15)
RSM vs. MMC basketball (01/14/15)
Remsen-Union vs. Boyden Hull basketball (01/12/15)
Remsen-Union girls vs. Hinton (01/12/15)
R-U vs. RSM girls and boys hoops (01/10/15)
RSM vs A-W boys and girls hoops (01/10/15)
LCS, Hinton, K-P wrestling at West Sioux (01/10/15)
LCS boys and girls at Bishop Heelan (01/03/15)
RSM vs. South O'Brien (01/02/15)
Remsen-Union vs. MMC basketball (12/22/14)
Lady 'Dogs vs. Sioux Center (12/20/14)
R-U vs. Akron-Westfield boys and girls (12/19/14)
RSM girls vs. West Sioux (12/19/14)
Hinton boys and girls vs Gehlen (12/17/14)
RSM vs. Harris Lake-Park girls (12/17/14)
LCS bowling (12/15/14)
Wreaths Across America (12/15/14)
Pioneer Village Christmas Wonderland - December 14 2014 (12/14/14)
A-W, K-P wrestling at A-W (12/13/14)
Gehlen vs. R-U basketball (12/12/14)
Hinton vs RSM basketball (12/12/14)
Clark Elementary holiday spirit (12/12/14)
K-P vs. West Monona girls and boys basketball (12/11/14)
Gehlen vs MMC boys basketball (12/10/14)
Gehlen boys and girls basketball at Unity Christian (12/09/14)
Gehlen boys and girls vs. Storm Lake, St. Mary's (12/08/14)
Pioneer Village Christmas Wonderland Dec. 6, 2014 (12/07/14)
Sertoma Lighted Christmas Parade (12/07/14)
Hinton boys and girls basketball vs Woodbury Central (12/06/14)
Remsen St. Mary's vs. Unity Christian boys and girls hoops (12/05/14)
Gehle Catholic Advent Bags 2014 (12/05/14)
Santa Claus Arrives in Le Mars Nov. 29, 2014 (12/05/14)
Akron-Westfield boys and girls basketball at Trinity Christian (12/04/14)
Remsen-Union vs. Le Mars Gehlen Catholic boys and girls basketball (12/03/14)
AKron-Westfield vs MMC girls basketball (12/02/14)
Akron-Westfield vs MMC boys basketball (12/02/14)
Gehlen vs. Lawton-Bronson Boys Basketball (12/01/14)
Frosty Cross at Le Mars Municipal Park (11/29/14)
Remsen-Union vs. Trinity Christian Girls Basketball (11/25/14)
Hinton vs LCS girls basketball (11/25/14)
Gehlen Catholic Kindergarten Thanksgiving dinner (11/25/14)
Franklin Elementary Thanksgiving Meal (11/25/14)
Kluckhohn Elementary School Thanksgiving Feast (11/25/14)
LCHS Fiddler on the Roof (11/14/14)
Puppy Jake visits Remsen-Union (11/13/14)
Gehlen Catholic vs. Fremont Mills (11/05/14)
Le Mars Lady 'Dogs vs. Bishop Heelan (11/04/14)
Halloween Fun (11/02/14)
Lady Jays vs Rebels Volleyball (10/31/14)
Region 2 Semifininals - Hinton volleyball at Unity Christian (10/31/14)
LCS vs Spencer Volleyball (10/30/14)
Hinton football vs OA-BCIG (10/29/14)
Akron-Westfield vs Woodbury Central Football (10/29/14)
Remsen St. Mary's vs. Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn (10/28/14)
Haunted House at Plymouth County Historical Museum (10/27/14)
Remsen community celebrates German-style (10/27/14)
Downtown trick-or-treat 2014 (10/27/14)
Hawks VS Titans Football (10/24/14)
Gehlen vs Lawton-Bronson football (10/24/14)
Akron-Westfield vs. South O'Brien (10/24/14)
Kingsley-Pierson vs Siouxland Christian volleyball (10/21/14)
Hinton vs OA-BCIG (10/21/14)
LCS at Bishop Heelan Tournament (10/18/14)
LCS, Gehlen at Unity Christian Cross Country Invitational (10/17/14)
Bulldogs vs Nighthawks (10/17/14)
Remsen St. Mary's vs. Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn (10/17/14)
Remsen Union vs. South O'Brien (10/16/14)
Gehlen vs Akron-Westfield volleyball (10/16/14)
LCS vs E-LC volleyball (10/15/14)
Hinton vs Unity Christian volleyball (10/15/14)
Harris Lake-Park at Remsen-Union (10/14/14)
Gehlen at Remsen St. Mary's (10/14/14)
War Eagle Cross Country Conference Tournament (10/13/14)
Gehlen Homecoming Coronation & Pep Rally 2014 (10/13/14)
Westerners vs Huskies volleyball (10/11/14)
Lady 'Dogs at Western Christian Tournament (10/11/14)
Gehlen Catholic vs Sioux Central (10/10/14)
Remsen-Union vs. Lauren-Marathons (10/10/14)
Hinton vs Western Christian Football (10/10/14)
Kluckhohn Fire Safety Education (10/10/14)
Remsen St. Mary's at West Sioux (10/09/14)
Hinton, Gehlen Catholic run at West Sioux Invite (10/09/14)
Lady Jays vs Tigers Volleyball (10/09/14)
Kingsley-Pierson vs. Woodbury Central (10/07/14)
Kingsley-Pierson Cross Country (10/07/14)
R-U vs Akron Westfield volleyball (10/07/14)
Hinton at West Sioux (10/06/14)
Gehlen vs West Sioux Football (10/03/14)
Harris Lake Park at Remsen St. Mary's (10/03/14)
Le Mars vs. Spencer (10/03/14)
Remsen St. Mary's vs. South O'Brien (10/01/14)
Remsen-Union vs. Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn (10/01/14)
Gehlen vs West Sioux volleyball (09/30/14)
Le Mars vs Emmetsburg Volleyball (09/30/14)
LCS, Gehlen volleyball at Unity Christian Invitational (09/27/14)
Hinton Blackhawks compete at Sioux City East Invatational (09/27/14)
Remsen Union vs. Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn (09/26/14)
Gehlen vs Woodbury Central Football (09/26/14)
LCS and Gehlen Cross Country in Sioux Center Warrior Invitational (09/25/14)
Le Mars vs. Western Christian volleyball (09/25/14)
National Watercolor Exhibition Open House (09/24/14)
RSM vs R-U Volleyball (09/23/14)
Gehlen Catholic Vs. Harris Lake-Park (09/23/14)
Le Mars - Spencer Volleyball (09/23/14)
Le Mars - Spencer Volleyball
Kingsley Pierson vs River Valley Volleyball (09/22/14)
CYO Tournament (09/21/14)
CYO Tournament
Gehlen / A-W Football (09/19/14)
Gehlen / A-W Football
Remsen Union vs Remsen St. Marys Football (09/19/14)
Hinton - HMS Football (09/19/14)
Hinton - HMS Football
Annual Elementary Ag Tour 2014 (09/19/14)
Akron-Westfield vs Westwood Volleyball (09/18/14)
Gehlen Volleyball Triangular (09/17/14)
Gehlen Volleyball Triangular
Remsen St. Mary's Triangular Volleyball Tournament (09/16/14)
Le Mars Invitational (09/15/14)
Le Mars Invitational
R-U / Harris-Lake Park Football (09/15/14)
R-U / Harris-Lake Park Football
Le Mars - Storm Lake Football (09/15/14)
Le Mars - Storm Lake Football
Hinton - Ridge View Football (09/15/14)
Hinton - Ridge View Football
LCHS Homecoming Parade 2014 (09/15/14)
Homecoming Parade LCHS 2014 (09/15/14)
2014 LCHS Homecoming Pep Rally (09/13/14)
Le Mars Bulldogs vs. Storm Lake Tornadoes football (09/12/14)
Doggy Dip 2014 (09/11/14)
Remsen-Union vs. Unity Christian volleyball (09/09/14)
2014 Le Mars Sprint Triathlon (09/07/14)
Hinton / Gehlen Volleyball (09/03/14)
Hinton / Gehlen Volleyball
Le Mars/MOC-Floyd Valley Football (08/31/14)
Le Mars/MOC-Floyd Valley Football
A-W / Hinton Football (08/31/14)
A-W / Hinton Football
Le Mars Pride Night (08/25/14)
Le Mars Pride Night
Scoop The Loop (08/14/14)
ZooMobile at the Library (08/13/14)
National Night Out Block Parties (08/06/14)
Plymouth County Fair Cleanup (07/31/14)
Cool Chemistry at the library (07/31/14)
Contributed Photos Plymouth County Fair (07/29/14)
Weekend at the Plymouth County Fair #1 (07/28/14)
Demolition Derby Plymouth County Fair (07/28/14)
Friday at the Plymouth County Fair (07/28/14)
Impact Pro Wrestling Plymouth County Fair (07/26/14)
Farm Olympics Plymouth County Fair (07/25/14)
Tuff Trucks Plymouth County Fair (07/25/14)
Figure 8 Racing (07/24/14)
Bucket Calf Judging (07/24/14)
Judging of 4-H static exhibits (07/23/14)
4-H preparing exhibits (07/23/14)
Hinton - Emmetsburg Baseball (07/23/14)
Hinton - Emmetsburg Baseball
Substate Baseball: Gehlen Catholic vs. Woodbury Central (07/22/14)
The Gehlen Catholic Jays defeated Woodbury Central 7-6, in eight innings, to advance to the Class 1A State baseball tournament.
Le Mars - Sgt. Bluff Baseball (07/21/14)
Le Mars - Sgt. Bluff Baseball
State Softball Tournament: Le Mars vs. Dallas Center-Grimes (07/21/14)
The Le Mars softball team fell 12-2 in six innings in the first round of the Class 4A state softball tournament in Fort Dodge on July 21.
Williams & Co. Alley Art Project (07/21/14)
Hinton-Sioux Center Baseball (07/20/14)
Hinton-Sioux Center Baseball
Baseball: Gehlen Catholic vs. Remsen St. Mary's 7.19.14 (07/19/14)
The Gehlen Catholic baseball team defeated Remsen St. Mary's 6-5 in the Class 1A - District 2 finals on July 19.
Gehlen - South O'Brien Baseball (07/18/14)
Gehlen - South O'Brien Baseball
Baseball: Gehlen Catholic vs. Akron-Westfield 7.15.14 (07/15/14)
The Gehlen Catholic beat Akron-Westfield 9-0 in the quarterfinals of the Class 1A - District 2 baseball tournament on July 15.
Opening of River's Bend Wildlife Area (07/15/14)
Family fun with juggler Dean Franzen (07/15/14)
Baseball: MMC/R-U vs Cherokee (Districts) 7.14.14 (07/14/14)
The MMC/R-U baseball team fell to Cherokee, Washington 6-5 in regional play on July 14.
Le Mars - Boyden Hull/Rock Valley BB (07/14/14)
Le Mars - Boyden Hull/Rock Valley BB
Hinton Fire-Rescue centennial (07/14/14)
Le Mars -Bishop Heelan Softball (07/13/14)
Le Mars -Bishop Heelan Softball
Gehlen / Akron-Westfield Softball (07/12/14)
Gehlen / Akron-Westfield Softball
Sofball: RSM vs Westwood 7.11.14 (07/11/14)
The Remsen St. Mary's softball team defeated Westwood 4-1 on July 11.
Baseball: RSM vs. West Sioux 7.10.14 (07/10/14)
The Remsen St. Mary's baseball team defeated West Sioux 8-1 on July 10.
Le Mars - Storm Lake Softball (07/10/14)
Le Mars - Storm Lake Softball
Baseball: Gehlen Catholic at Remsen St. Mary's 7.9.14 (07/09/14)
The Remsen St. Mary's baseball team defeated Gehlen Catholic 5-4 on July 9.
Hinton - Sioux Central Softball (07/09/14)
Hinton - Sioux Central Softball
Le Mars - Glenwood Baseball (07/08/14)
Le Mars - Glenwood Baseball
Baseball: RSM vs. Trinity Christian 7.8.14 (07/08/14)
The Remsen St. Mary's baseball team swept Trinity Christian in a doubleheader on July 8.
Le Mars - Sergeant Bluff-Luton Softball (07/08/14)
Le Mars - Sergeant Bluff-Luton Softball
Baseball: A-W at Gehlen Catholic 7.7.14 (07/07/14)
The Gehlen Catholic baseball team defeated Akron-Westfield 8-0 in Le Mars on July 7.
Le Mars Municipal Band Fourth of July Concert 2014 (07/07/14)
July 4th at the Plymouth County Historical Museum 2014 (07/07/14)
Le Mars Fourth of July Parade 2014 (07/07/14)
Remsen celebrates 125th (07/07/14)
Le Mars - Estherville-LC Baseball (07/05/14)
Le Mars - Estherville-LC Baseball
Le Mars - Estherville-LC Softball (07/05/14)
Le Mars - Estherville-LC Softball
Softball/Baseball: Gehlen Catholic vs. South O'Brien (07/03/14)
The Gehlen Catholic softball and baseball teams hosted South O'Brien in Granville on July 3.
RSM-HMS Softball (07/03/14)
RSM-HMS Softball
Softball/Baseball: Gehlen Catholic vs Unity Christian 6.2.14 (07/02/14)
The Gehlen Catholic softball and baseball took on Unity Christian in Granville on July 2.
Arts Center Gourds of Fun! (07/02/14)
Gehlen-RSM Baseball (07/01/14)
Gehlen-RSM Baseball
Gehlen - Hinton Softball (07/01/14)
Gehlen - Hinton Softball
Baseball: Le Mars vs Sioux Center 7.1.14 (07/01/14)
The Le Mars baseball team fell to Sioux Center 14-12 on July 1.
Le Mars - Spencer Baseball (06/30/14)
Le Mars - Spencer Baseball
Baseball: Hinton vs West Sioux 6.30.14 (06/30/14)
The Hinton baseball team fell 12-1 to West Sioux on June 30.
Le Mars - Spencer Softball (06/30/14)
Le Mars - Spencer Softball
Spalding Catholic Baseball Tournament (06/29/14)
Spalding Catholic Baseball Tournament
Le Mars Fire-Rescue fund drive begins (06/27/14)
Plymouth Dairy Farms Open House (06/27/14)
RSM - South O'Brien Baseball (06/27/14)
RSM - South O'Brien Baseball
Baseball: MMC/R-U vs Unity Christian (06/26/14)
The MMC/R-U baseball team defeated Unity Christian 2-0 on June 26.
MMC/R-U - Harris Lake Park Softball (06/26/14)
MMC/R-U - Harris Lake Park Softball
Softball: Hinton vs Trinity Christian 6.25.14 (06/25/14)
The Hinton softball team defeated Trinity Christian 7-6 on June 25.
Ice Cream Days Parade June 21, 2014 (3) (06/25/14)
Ice Cream Days Parade June 21, 2014 (2) (06/25/14)
Ice Cream Days June 25 Color Page (06/25/14)
RSM at Hinton Baseball (06/24/14)
RSM at Hinton Baseball
Softball: RSM vs Gehlen 6.24.14 (06/24/14)
The Gehlen Catholic softball team defeated Remsen St. Mary's 4-3 on June 24.
Ice Cream Days Parade June 21, 2014 (06/24/14)
Hinton at MMC/R-U Softball (06/24/14)
Hinton at MMC/R-U Softball
Baseball: H-LP vs RSM 6.23.14 (06/23/14)
The Remsen St. Mary's baseball team defeated Harris-Lake Park 13-3 in three innings on June 23.
Sittin' Pretty at Le Mars Arts Center (06/23/14)
BMX Stunt/Power Team Show (06/23/14)
Bike Central's Summer Cross (06/23/14)
Photo Pages June 23 (06/23/14)
Fishing Derby at Le Mars Municipal Park (06/23/14)
Primebank Ice Cream Social 2014 (06/22/14)
The 46th annual Primebank Ice Cream Social was Thursday, June 19. Entertainment this year was by The Noteables, a Le Mars Community High School alumni group directed by long-time director Joe Brice.
Gehlen J-Club Tournament (06/22/14)
Gehlen J-Club Tournament
Ice Cream Days Grill n' Chill BBQ (06/21/14)
Softball: Spalding Catholic Tournament hosted by Gehlen Catholic (06/21/14)
Ice Cream Days R/C Fun Fly (06/21/14)
Akron Flood Recovery (06/20/14)
Ice Cream Days Family Bike Ride (06/20/14)
Ice Cream Days 3-on-3 and Summer Slam (06/20/14)
Ice Cream Days Friday color page (06/20/14)
Hinton vs. A-W Baseball (06/19/14)
Hinton vs. A-W Baseball
Softball: Gehlen vs Trinity Christian 6.19.14 (06/19/14)
Gehlen Catholic defeated Trinity Christian 9-2 on June 19.
Tri-State Drive In Cruisers at Bob's (06/19/14)
Baseball: MMC/R-U at Gehlen Catholic 6.18.14 (06/18/14)
The Gehlen Catholic baseball team held off MMC/R-U 6-3 on June 18.
Tuesday flooding in Le Mars (06/18/14)
Softball: K-P vs MMC/R-U 6.17.14 (06/18/14)
The MMC/R-U softball team defeated Kingsley-Pierson in Remsen on June 17.
Le Mars / MOC-FV Baseball (06/17/14)
Le Mars / MOC-FV Baseball
Gehlen - HMS Baseball (06/13/14)
Gehlen - HMS Baseball
Softball: Le Mars, Gehlen and A-W (Le Mars Tourney) 6.13.14 (06/13/14)
The Le Mars, Gehlen Catholic and Akron-Westfield softball teams participated in the Le Mars softball tournament on June 13.
Geese return to municipal pond (06/13/14)
Canada geese and their goslings have seemingly returned to the Le Mars Municipal Pond despite recent efforts to remove the waterfowl population. Adult Canada geese spend summers raising their young and molting their wing and tail feathers.
Le Mars - Cherokee Softball (06/12/14)
Le Mars - Cherokee Softball
Softball: Gehlen Catholic vs Hartley-Melvin-Sanborm doubleheader 6.12.14 (06/12/14)
The Lady Jays defeated the Hawks 15-0 and 11-4 on Thursday, June 12.
Gehlen at Akron-Westfield Baseball (06/11/14)
Gehlen at Akron-Westfield Baseball
Gehlen at Akron-Westfield Softball (06/11/14)
Gehlen at Akron-Westfield Softball
Softball: MMC-RU vs. RSM 6.11.14 (06/11/14)
Le Mars / Emmetsburg Softball (06/10/14)
Le Mars vs. Emmetsburg Softball
Baseball: Le Mars vs. Central Lyon 6.10.14 (06/10/14)
MMC/R-U Baseball/Softball (06/09/14)
MMC/R-U Baseball/Softball
Baseball: A-W vs Trinity Christian 6.9.14 (06/09/14)
The Akron-Westfield baseball team defeated Trinity Christian 11-0 on June 9.
Le Mars - Emmetsburg baseball (06/08/14)
Le Mars - Emmetsburg Baseball
Akron-Westfield at Remsen St. Mary's Softball (06/04/14)
The A-W softball team remained defeated on June 4 as they defeated RSM 3-1.
Gehlen - Hinton Softball/Baseball (06/03/14)
Jays at Blackhawks Softball/Baseball
LCS 6-2-14. Baseball vs Sioux City West, Softball vs Bishop Heelan (06/02/14)
The Le Mars baseball and softball teams were in action at the Le Mars baseball complex on Monday.
Relay For Life of Plymouth County (06/02/14)
Kingsley-Pierson Softball Tournament (06/01/14)
Lady Panthers Softball Tournament
Le Mars Baseball (05/31/14)
Le Mars - Sioux City North
Gehlen Catholic Softball (05/31/14)
Akron-Westfield at Gehlen softball
MMC/Remsen-Union vs Spencer softball (05/30/14)
The MMC-RU softball team fell to Spencer 0-5 on Thursday.
MMC/Remsen-Union at Hinton Baseball (05/28/14)
The Hinton baseball team defeated MMC/R-U 8-2 on Wednesday, May 28.
Le Mars Softball (05/28/14)
State track meet photo gallery 2014 (05/27/14)
Plymouth County was well represented at the 2014 state track and field meet held at Drake Stadium, in Des Moines, May 22-24.
Avenue of Flags Memorial Day Program (05/27/14)
Kluckhohn Wellness "Works" Day (05/22/14)
Gehlen Catholic graduation 2014 (05/19/14)
LCS Graduation 2014 (05/19/14)
Youth for Christ Early Out Picnic (05/14/14)
Le Mars Community Middle School students race to the finish in an inflatable obstacle course in Walnut Park. Youth for Christ hosted the Wednesday event, which was an end-of-the-year early out party. The Iowa National Guard lent the obstacle course....
Le Mars Community High School Promenade (05/04/14)
May Day at the Plymouth County Historical Museum (04/30/14)
May Day at the Museum (04/30/14)
Gehlen Catholic's "The Butler Did It!" (04/29/14)
Hinton Community School Earth Day Celebration (04/23/14)
Hannah Kessenic and Grandma (04/22/14)

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